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Buck Rogers - Season 2-Story 7 "The Satyr"



Season 2-Story 7
"The Satyr"
On the road with Twiki, the apology episode.

This episode always was and will be the "Hey fans, we are soooooo sorry we stuck you with that other voice actor for Twiki and gave your beloved character background appearances. Here, have a story with Buck and Twiki for old times sake on us!"

Edits I did on this episode for my own enjoyment was to shorten the part with the opening with the mother and son and NOT show the Satyr. To matter the fact, I edited it in such a way that you don't get a full on view of the Satyr till Buck finally meets the Satyr when he attacks him at night at the Shuttle.

I also edited out where Buck reachs up to see a wound on the mother's neck... seemed a bit out of character for Buck to just grab like that.

Other than that, Buck looked cool in this episode, had the leather coat, hair was in place, cool white shirt. Had Twiki. Oh and there was a line I did edit out where Twiki asks Wilma "Do you change in the moonlight?" Dumb dumb... Twiki would not ask that. So cut that, scene plays with Buck and Wilma flirting, works great.


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