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Buck Rogers - Season 2 - Story 9 "The Hand of Goral"



Season 2 - Story 9
"The Hand of Goral"
The kinda mirror universe episode?

So Lone Ranger and Tonto... er... Buck and Hawk... find themselves in the midst of a test that has them on a false version of the Searcher. All and all while seemingly obvious at times, it did give the characters a chance to completely step out of character in completely hilarious ways.

Crichton comes in and is funny, but Twiki follows up and completely steals the show going off on a complaining rant. That had me cracking up. I was recording dialog of Twiki, but not only was this so out of character for Twiki, but there was just too much to write down. I loved it!!

I have to agree with Dr. Goodfellow on one thing, the duplicate Wilma would have been the "Goral" of Buck's dreams. Well, at least part of me thinks it's a shame he couldn't save that version, might be nice to have around... but I'm sure the duplicate would have ended once they left Goral's vicinity. Just a fan thought. I know, a terrible one.


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