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Buck Rogers - Season 2-Story 11 (But I'll call this Story 10) "The Dorian Secret"



Season 2-Story 11
(But I'll call this Story 10)
"The Dorian Secret"
The "shame on you" episode.

So what would you do if you were suffering extreme heat and cold and it was all because your ship was harboring a fugitive? I've heard it said that Gil Gerard wanted more serious material over the fun tone of the first season. This one is great for that. A real thinker that makes you wonder who you would have been as a passenger on the Searcher going through all that? The story is so dark that Twiki, the living embodiment of a cartoon character basically, has no lines in this episode (that I remember). And I so liked the message of this episode as much as I love Twiki as one of the cast, I won't be editing in a line. Well, ok, maybe one.

And the end, when I really think about it, that would be maddening. Of course, scars, age, and other factors would help make differences over time. All I have to say is that actor was able to lip sync with the dialogue quite well.

The episode of Season 2, really lets things off in a darker almost downer tone. That is why I prefer to not have this as the last episode of Season 2 in the watching order on the playlist.


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