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Buck Rogers - Season 2 - Story 10 (But I will say Story 11) "Testimony of a Traitor"



Season 2 - Story 10
(But I will say Story 11)
"Testimony of a Traitor"
Getting back to Earth, and the past...

This is the episode most think fondly about, and for more reasons than they probably realize. In this episode you have the Searcher back at Earth (for a deep exploration vessel they spend a lot of time close to home. Earth, Alpha Centari...) . You get more of the back story of Buck, how he wanted real badly to be on the Ranger 3 mission, and one secret mission before going off into space.

In this the crew really melds together in my mind. Dr. Goodfellow finally comes into his own as a character as he helps Buck. Azimov and crew are supportive. Twiki got some good lines ... except for one. ** And it just all melds together. Fans missed the lack of dogfights in fighters in season 2 but here we get a dogfight scene as Buck and Wilma fly to Earth for more evidence.

At the end everyone has a great moment together as Buck is congratulated, he gives Hawk a good long bro hand shake (which since I treat this as the true final episode of season 2, marks a good farewell handshake), Twiki congratulates Buck, Wilma kisses him. Great stuff. Opposition extends his hand to congratulate, Buck shakes his hand, and I cut the episode off right there and roll credits in my edit.

Reason being, what I like next in my watching order is "Flight of the War Witch" which is a epic two parter that to me is the end I would have liked: Buck back on Earth, more Princess Ardala, and a dimensional gateway tech is introduced that is not addressed again in Season 2, soooo... why not be the last story of the series? Just a fun preference, and I think it works great. (Just give Buck a haircut, and he lost weight while enjoying country air, and sure...) .

What I edited out of this episode was the final part. In Shgoratchx Azimov tells them to go to "Warp 3" when the ship does not have warp engines it has Star drives. At the end of this story, they are leaving the solar system, which is cool, but why? There are Stargates. Wouldn't that help get you to some remote star system with a lost colony faster?

** And as much as I like Twiki, the discussion of "robot intuition being like woman's intuition" was something I could live without honestly.

So edit that scene, have Buck leave off with a hand shake, you can work in he departed the Searcher at that time, went back to Earth... next up, Flight of the War Witch! Good times.


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