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The true answer on why Classic Battlestar Galactica was Cancelled.



Bryan McManis‎ asked to The Colonial Warriors in this Facebook thread:
"After all these years has the truth ever come out WHY the show was cancelled with NO warning, NO Announcement, and NO ending of the Series. ? The Cast and Crew NEVER even knew it was cancelled until they showed up for work to find out it was over."

And at the time I write this there are 35 comments. A great read in the Colonial Warrior group. Thought about it and my answer was as follows:

"Wow this has been a good read. My take on this is what a lot of people have said (about production cost) with a twist: I don't think any production company knew the big picture of what a sci-fi show could do. They had a show where the advertising was not putting the production costs in the black. I get that. However, what ABC did not realize, which they couldn't have since VHS and Beta were barely starting out, is how much they could receive from royalties, DVD sales, streaming rights, merchandising (that was also barely starting out with Star Wars) and all the long term profit. And think of this, Star Trek might have been great in reruns, but the effects of the movie franchise was just starting, and Star Trek the Motion Picture was not really a mega hit. In short, no production company was ready to invest for the long term what companies are willing to do today."

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On 6/3/2019 at 9:52 AM, jaybird3rd said:

That's a reasonable explanation.


Now somebody needs to explain "Galactica 1980."


So what do you do when the fans scream for a show to continue, but to do so you slash the budget in half?   Well Star Trek season 3 was in the same boat, and in their case most if not all the actors and actresses stayed on, and through some good stories carried things on for another season.


And Battlestar Galactica (1978) was not so lucky.   Same scenario, the fans screaming for a show to come back.   It was green lit, and like Star Trek had half the budget.   Set on Earth to save money.   Pushed into a family friendly time slot, so limitations on how much violence could be shown in an hour.   So the original cast was mostly Lorne Green-Adama (who reportedly was unpaid, but he was just enjoying Galactica so he stayed on) and Herb Jefferson-Boomer.   Richard Hatch-Apollo and Dirk Benedict-Starbuck have said repeatedly at cons "We saw the script and said ... nope!   This does not look as good."


So new actors were cast for new characters Troy and Dillan and the stories are fun enough.   The brief ten episode arc before the beloved "Return of Starbuck" series ending story, well, G'80 has a fairly complete story, at least I thought so.  Colonials find Earth, establish careful and limited contact with those on Earth, and make an mutual alliance with a farm on Earth for the Colony after their agro ships are destroyed by Cylons.   Doesn't hold a candle to first season of Battlestar Galactica, but a fun sci-fi story with Battlestar trappings regardless.

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