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A World Record Achieved That Does Me Little Good, Currently



Game Go Fish!

System Atari VCS/2600

Difficulty A/Expert (A/A)

Score 5,914


I'll be officially submitting this score soon. I'm currently having technical problems with the photos that I took with my Smart Phone. Since the most recent Microsoft Update photos will not import from this phone to our PC. However, they appear in our Amazon Photos account automatically as before. I tried saving them to our PC from the cloud, however they didn't save as standard .JPEG files. The High Score site won't accept them due to this, although they will post both to Patreon (full image) and to the Community Section of my cessnaace Youtube channel (cropped).


When I posted this photo to Youtube it cropped the file. I could move the crop horizontally, but either the score was cropped-off, or my ID was. It doesn't appear cropped at Patreon (Public Post). This isn't the only photo that I took, but they all refuse to post at High Score.


I already have the World Record for this game in the A/Expert difficulty setting, but it's about 2,000 points lower than this one. I'd already achieved a new WR in the b/Novice setting, but that score is still being voted on. In fact this score is about 1,000 points higher than that score. I do play this game quite a bit. Every day in fact.


I was able to post a photo fine to https://www.patreon.com/Cessnaace which I made a Public post, as opposed to Patron Only. https://www.patreon.com/posts/29998778


The photos that I took won't post here either. The photos saved as .jfif files for some reason, and not .jpeg.

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I've turned over Mr. Do and Q-Bert Arcade versions at Bally's Alladin Castle 163rd Street Mall when it existed.
I finished Dragons Lair with the highest possible score...

NONE of it has improved my life, found me a job or gotten me laid.

Once I grew up and joined the military is when things started happening.

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