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Tonight I experimented with recording game play footage. Some games seemed to work fine, while some, like Mouse Trap, recorded with some flicker. This is in spite of the fact that there was no flicker evident while I played. I've tagged Bob DeCrescenzo because I mentioned him in the video.


Emulator: EMU7800 ver. 2.2 (Core 1.4)

Capture Software: OBS Studio (Windows 10; 64 bit version)

Controller: Logitech Xbox 360


I mention in the video how easy it is to import ROMs into this emulator, however I've never been able to get homebrews to import into it. I've tried the ones posted in the AtariAge Forums, such as The End 2600, but once downloaded they will not import. So, the only homebrews present are the ones that this version came pre-loaded with. Only one homebrew for the 2600, Oystron. However, many homebrews for the 7800 are included. The only one with issues is FailSafe, which doesn't work with my controller. Fortunately I own this game physically. Now I just need the box.


All of the homebrews that came pre-loaded in ver. 2.2 of EMU7800 are available to purchase physical copies of from the AtariAge Store, with the exception of those by Mark Ball, and Santa Simon. I'd love to purchase physical copies of these unavailable 7800 titles, but if they're not available I'm out of luck I guess.


I Can Now Record Game Play Footage Youtube Video








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