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Bye bye Eagle

Bruce Tomlin


I finally dug up the Eagle 6.5 installer that I had been saving for a LONG time. Version 5.x (what I used back in the day) still used the proprietary binary data files, useless for any other program. Version 6 added an XML-based data file format. Version 6.5 was the last one which still used the old license system, where you could still select the freeware license without first signing your soul away to AutoCAD.


Well, I finally set it up on the Mac Pro. First I tried to get my old version 5.x working, then I realized it was so old that it was a PPC-only binary! It took an hour or two, just open up each .sch, .brd, and .lbr file, then click on the floppy disk icon to save it in the 6.x text format. Now with all my projects converted to XML, I can start looking into getting KiCad installed. It's been so long since I've used Eagle that I doubt I'll have to do any un-learning to get used to KiCad.


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