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New disassembler

Bruce Tomlin


I've been working on a full-screen text-based disassembler the past few months, check it out.


It's got support for a lot of different 8-bit CPUs and 68000, it has auto-tracing, and it's light years ahead of what I've used before. What I had been using before was so frustrating that I didn't even tell anyone else about it, so I finally sat down and wrote it. Now I can crank out a good rough disassembly in a couple of hours. I've been kicking it around for a few months and even used it for 68K disassemblies of up to 512K bytes.


But do note that I've only made it for Mac and Linux. You could probably get it to work under Windows with an appropriate environment like Cygwin or that new Linux subsystem thing, but I don't know. Right now you have to download it with an svn client, which you should have anyhow if you can compile it.


instructions: http://svn.xi6.com/svn/disx4/trunk/disx4.txt


download command: svn co http://svn.xi6.com/svn/disx4/trunk disx4




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