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It's done!.. Again!



Alright! The second draft has been completed.

I'm very happy with this one, but it has grown in length. Just a smidgen.

The first draft was approximately 95,500 words, that's a good length for a sci-fi novel.

The second draft is 137,500 words long...

It's longer than Return of the King. Part Two alone is longer than all but two of the Chronicles of Narnia books...

And to be fair the one book contains roughly two books worth of plot, honestly it's laid out a bit like a TV show, I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

It is long... but I don't think it gets very long winded.

Most of what I've done is expand upon scenes, add emotion and movement to the characters and elaborate upon more vague elements of the plot.

Frankly this could all be chalked up to an incredibly long character development project.

It's still not done though. I will need to go back and retcon some of the geography, this is a real place with real landmarks that actually exist, it shouldn't be too extensive though.

As it is now -bar the geographical shuffling- it's done.

If you want to read it then I'll provide links below. As it is now you can read the entire book for free.

Alcadon Home Page



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