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I've been busying ordering games for my Atari platforms, although I'll be adding another retro console to my collection soon, so I'll soon begin purchasing games for it. More on that further down. All listed software (Games) are for the 2600.


Recently Arrived, And Shown On My Youtube Channel:


Software @eBay

  • Beany Bopper
  • Mega Force
  • Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes
  • Turmoil


Recently Arrived, But Not Yet Shown On My Youtube channel:



Atari 5200 Trak-Ball Controller. Boxed. Refurbished by @AwesomeOgre. I traded my spare Boxed Commodore 64 for it.


Software @AtariAge

  • Aardvark (CIB)


Software @eBay

  • Alligator People (Prototype Reproduction). I already own the cart offered by @AtariAge, however this one uses the same artwork as found on the cover of a DVD release of The Alligator People. Doesn't appear to be from Hozer, but then I've never dealt with them so don't know what to look for.
  • Spacemaster X-7


Ordered, But Hasn't Arrived Yet (Or Even Shipped Yet In Some Cases):



ColecoVision console, being refurbished and modded for Composite Outputs by @AwesomeOgre


Software @AtariAge

  • Roach In Space, A (CIB)
  • Seaweed Assault (CIB)
  • Strat-O-Gems
  • Toyshop Trouble


Software @eBay

Amidar (CIB)

N.E.R.D.S. (Homebrew; CIB)
Star Wars: The Empire Strike Back


I had never found a copy of N.E.R.D.S. before, but did tonight while trying to hunt down a decent, and affordable, cart of H.E.R.O.


Video by CheapTech



I've been wanting to order some ColecoVision games from @AtariAge for obvious reasons. However that option doesn't seem to be currently available. I can't even add them to my AtariAge Wishlist. Strange.


Feel free to post your comments below.






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