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Quite Possibly The Worst Game I've Ever Played (Double Dragon Arcade)



I've played a lot of bad games, and for most, I can find something to enjoy. But with Double Dragon (Arcade), I can't find anything good to talk about besides the music (which you can listen to on YouTube so don't bother playing the game to listen to it).


Let's start off with the visuals. Now, for 1987 the graphics aren't terrible, but why does everything look off? I look at an Abobo and it looks like oatmeal. Then you have the controls which are very slippery and delayed. I don't know if it was Arcade Archives or not, but it felt like I was controlling a lubed up broken DVD remote.


I don't even want to talk about the hitboxes, oh God the hitboxes, you have to stand in the perfect spot to hit an enemy, but if you even touch the D-Pad, you quit fighting and start moving, and if you start moving, you're vulnerable to attacks, and if you get hit, you might as well put in another credit because it's an instant game over. I think half of my game overs we're due to my character being stuck because an enemy was pummeling me to death. And to top it off, the game is pitifully short. I was able to beat it in 45 minutes (and a lot of credit scummimg), even with all the crap that is put in my way.


I never thought I'd say an NES port us better than an arcade port. How this got past the test market stage is beyond me. I'd rather watch the Double Dragon movie or play the Atari 2600 version of Double Dragon (okay, maybe not that) than play this flawed game. If the Eshop issued refunds, I'd be getting one right now. Don't waste your money, 0/10.


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