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8. Bubsy's Watch'n Win Contest

Busby the Bobcat


The Postcard

At one time, when they we're selling Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind for Sega Mega Drive, they also included this interesting postcard from Bubsy.

large.gallery_8751_4_226680.png.47ad93a75efda7f7de64418b576ec1f9.png.96de6820247136ccd79f2ebc62fb86df.png   large.gallery_8751_4_72598.png.c9133e9705c8c463c1519cdf4e92514a.png.2a250ed7d72a919e0d68d10afa882933.png


He wrote about the contest called "Watch'n Win" and if you won, you would got a big prize.

We never knew a lot of information about this contest other than from the postcard, which it just mentions it.


That is, until in 2016, when someone uploaded a scanned flyer for it. Which is amazing, but we don't know, where did this person got it.[1]




In 1993, Accolade teamed up with Software Etc. (the gaming shop that doesn't excist today) and made a contest called "Bubsy's Watch'n Win Contest"





The contest was to watch the Bubsy cartoon on TV and wrote your 3 favorite cartoon characters on the Entry Form. Then you cut the Entry Form from the flyer and sent it to the address, that was written bellow.  





According to the flyer, the prizes we're really interesting:





Well, we don't know, how many people joined, we don't even know, who won the grand prize. Accolade never said any news about it or any updates. So really, we have no idea about this one.

Maybe it's because they worked on Bubsy 2 and then on Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales and even on other games at that time and they eventually forgot about this contest.

Which is a shame, because that would be an amazing contest, if they remembered, that this existed. Especially for the Grand prize, where your family could go on Hollywood for 3 days! But sadly, it never happened.



T-shirts "Bubsy's Back!" story

There's also an interesting fact:

So the First prize we're T-shirts, that said "Bubsy's Back"                                                 

Well, what if I told you, that they included those T-shirts as a bonus prize for Bubsy 2?


Let me explain:

When they released Bubsy 2, they also put a stamp, that said "Free T-Shirt with this game, while stocks last!" They did this for some short time and they didn't do this again.



We never knew how it looked like until in 2014, when Doctorclu saw a person with that shirt at JagFest 2000.[2]

 blogentry-4709-0-27758700-1424410209.thumb.jpg.2108edfeda90a211c45f2eb314dee03d.jpg   blogentry-4709-0-32464000-1424410197.jpg.eab44f95848b7aee9eedde14b9bbaa2d.jpg

So they must be really rare to get it.




[1] https://fdocuments.in/document/bubsy-watchn-win-contest-1993.html

[2] https://atariage.com/forums/topic/228945-jagfest-2000-question-bubsy-shirt/





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