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Busby the Bobcat


Even when the Bubsy pilot cartoon failed, there still some products of it. However, they are really rare. 



Here's a picture of Bubsy standing on 2 TVs while holding what appears to be a Bubsy Oscar (Picture found by Xindictive)

It was also used for the cover of MegaTech (Issue 31) and for promotion of Bubsy 2 on July of 1994.





Bubsy press kit character model sheets: Ally Cassandra, Virgil, Oblivia, Buzz (The screenshot came from Ebay, found by Xindictive)


Xindictive (the original founder) actually bought it on Ebay and scanned all of it. So if you want to download it and check it out, here's the link: https://mega.nz/file/rY9iGYZY#IRTrCbA2SZLXtFD4uF_mJRu_BTPbrxaN3NtZ83NS0vE

Here are some examples:

1244988787_Contents013kopija.thumb.png.bc38578ce1ce46e1ebb202613b84dbe0.png  344030183_Contents005kopija.thumb.png.b57f84edcd0d7473229dd806dc9f2d2a.png  1629473090_Contents009kopija.thumb.png.fc1963bcf06c648c0bc14647526c23e3.png  1283751320_Contents010kopija.thumb.png.5cca259eedcbf425d1037ad8d642d85f.png



In Megadrive Preview magazine of Bubsy 2, you can see the background of Virgil's lab. Not much more information and there's no way to buy that.

background.thumb.jpg.19680e96cde4c9db6541bf2cd4de9ef7.jpg   DOrLNV4WkAEPs-N.thumb.jpg.b932dfd9a07c5f3a42b7eb1912e0c610.jpg 



blogentry-4709-0-27758700-1424410209.thumb.jpg.df79bc841b24b5a0dff33a0380939553.jpg  blogentry-4709-0-32464000-1424410197.jpg.b26030fac7c195cb026a7d98b6338f33.jpg

A shirt that says "Bubsy's Back!" (It has an interesting story: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16787-8-bubsys-watchn-win-contest/) (Pictures by DoctorClu)




A badge that says "Bubsy's Watch'n Win contest" (Found by DoctorClu on Ebay)




Another badge of Bubsy from a cartoon (Picture by Xindictive)



According to JennyN, Arnold plush also exist. He knows that, because his dad worked there.[1] But there's no picture to be proven. 




[1] https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/9872-cruizin-vgmm-january-2013/





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