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Arcade Archives Reviews: Burgertime



Burgertime is an arcade game released in 1982 by Data East, using the DECO type hardware (although a standard version was also released).


Burgertime is one of the essential arcade games. Everyone has played it at one point or another and overall is one of the classics. Peter Pepper never made it to the same heights as Pac-Man or Mario, but his sprite remains unforgettable.


In the game, you play as the aforementioned Peter Pepper and you gotta make burgers (with your feet...) whilst being chased by evil sentient hot dogs, pickles, and eggs. What's Peter Pepper's solution to this problem? Mace them and smother them in his foot burgers!


This game is probably one of the first games to have a limited ammunition system. You start out with 4 peppers, and you have to use them sparingly, once you use all of the pepper, you're practically screwed. The only way to get more pepper is by making burgers and hoping a bonus appears, but hurry, it will disappear after a short time.


Control-wise, it's great, the controls are super responsive, and snappy, it's very satisfying.


The sound is kinda 50/50. On one hand, the BGM that plays during gameplay is completely fine, but on the other hand, stuff like the level complete jingle and the starting jingle are rather loud and obnoxious and makes you want to turn down your TV.


This release only contains the DECO ROM and the Caravan and Highscore modes. It's kinda disappointing since it couldn't have been that hard to put the standard version on there.


I've been waiting for this release since April, and it's been well worth the wait. It reminded me how good Burgertime is and why it's still a fun experience, even today. 9/10.


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