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Arcade Archives Reviews: VS. Super Mario Bros.



(Apologies for the short, and underwhelming review, I literally just finished this a couple of minutes ago since I honestly couldn't find anything to talk about)


VS. Super Mario Bros. is a platforming game for the Nintendo VS. system released In 1986 by Nintendo.


The game is hard... Really hard. Like, it compares to Mario 2 JP in terms of difficulty, I rarely get angry at games, but I was this close to throwing my Joycons while playing this.


I'm not gonna talk about the graphics since they're just slightly enhanced versions of the SMB1 sprites.


The controls, sadly, ruin the entire thing for me, in the Arcade Archives release, the controls are delayed. The delay can cause anything from a mild inconvenience to a matter of life and death.


Overall, I'd say that the game itself is great and is a good step up if you've mastered the original SMB. But the delay on the controls on the Arcade Archives release is so bad, I can't justify getting it, especially for $7.99, 5/10.



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