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April 28, 2021




Last night I worked on my Burgers NES game. I made a fourth level.


But I don't know what good the change of scenery is if the game doesn't change at all. I'd like to add more enemies than just milkshakes. I thought nachos would make a good projectile, but what could shoot it? I also think whatever shoots the nachos should have the same colors as the burger because I only have four sprite palettes and I'm using the other three for the milkshakes. I also think that the nachos should be shot downwards instead of across the screen. I figure there should be something orange because that's the color of most junk food.

Here's what I have in the game so far:

  • burger using three colors in palette 0 (light orange, orange, and brown)
  • onion ring using one color
  • chicken nugget using two colors
  • French fry using one color
  • various milkshakes using color palettes 1-3.

The nacho would be light orange (the same color as the sesame seeds in the burger's top bun). Any ideas, people?


I learned yesterday that all I can use for background and sprite tiles isn't very large. Just two small areas. With the mountain tiles added, I have about half of one tile area filled in. I used some of the cave tiles for the mountain as well. I think clever re-usage like this will be the key to not running out of tiles.



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