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Rising Jaguar Price Bubble



The bubble that Wata and the auction house have created is disappointing. It took awhile for it to get to some of the Atari systems but it has hit. I have never been one to play emulators or roms but the last year has seen prices skyrocket. I went to buy a new replacement Jaguar and I know it was 399 not long ago. Now it was over 600. Really? I got my Lynx Desert Strike and Double Dragon new for 50 each in the last year, now ebay sellers at over 200 each. Or take Another World, pictured is a current auction for it. Insane prices, half that a year ago. I own several sealed Jaguar games and don't dare open them now. But I will advocate the Game Drive going forward. Leave sealed what I own and play the roms on real hardware. Yet even the Game Drive shortage has had scalpers at over 500 on ebay lately.  Who is buying all this stuff? Well I did buy a 650 Jag new off Bruce but I've bought a lot of stuff off him. But that's the thing, if he didn't have higher prices, and Best Bradley didn't up some of his, speculators buy cheap off them and dump it all on ebay. So is anyone in the right here? The demand surely isn't that great to warrant these huge jumps in prices is it? 


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No. Prices are high because someone says they are high. And some flunky gets all starry-eyed and needs a piece of action to compensate..


Having been there and done that, very few classic systems come close to what these flippers and bubblemakers are asking.


I mean its a great time if you deal in this sort of thing. But if you're a gamer out to enjoy nostalgia and good times of yesteryear, just forget it.

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2 hours ago, Keatah said:

great time if you deal in this sort of thing

Definitely. Also though Heritage Auctions selling games for 6 and 7 figures is a speculators bubble. Its not players or collectors buying them. You can buy a percentage into a game now. Just like buying stocks. If it sells for a high price you get a percentage from what you bought into it. There might be 20 people who have bought percentage into a 6 figure Mario game. But that does trickle down to brick & mortar and starry eyed sellers.

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