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six² update



I got in touch with the guy who does all the Odyssey Now releases and he says he will be able to print the high quality overlays for me next month. All I have to do is print some more instructions and get some tubes to ship the game stuff in. Then it will be ready. I will probably have two runs of ten copies each. Run #1 will have 8 copies and, if needed, run #2 will have an additional 10 copies. I think I need to make it this way so if no more than 8 people are interested, all I'd have extra would be 10 overlays sitting there. For the second run, I'd need to order ten more red dice and ten more blue dice and print some more stuff to go along with it.


Before I get the tubes, I'd need to know how big of a tube I'd need. I know he said they'd be 19", but it'd just be better to wait until they come and then I can see for myself how big of a tube I'd need. So anyway, I hope to have run #1 to be released in late October sometime. Then I will make a reservation thread. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT "RESERVING" A SPOT NOW. I will most likely forget who did what. Besides, I don't have all the stuff ready to go now anyway. Remember reading Nintendo Power and seeing the Pak Watch section about the games coming out in the future? I want that type of experience for people.


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