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NTS-1 Patch Editor Program Progress



It's been 2 months since my last entry and I want to reassure those interested that progress is being made.  But slowly.


The display has been designed, the info dialog can be viewed, the event program has been debugged and the keyboard can be used to play notes.



Note: audio was recorded from the NTS-1. Silence - until the keyboard icon is clicked.


Already, the ability to change the MIDI channel from the dropdown menu has been tested and debugged.  I wish they were all that easy.


The Diamond's EVENT was not working the way I wanted. The QUIT option would not exit the program and return to the desktop.  I rewrote the code from scratch and still couldn't get the EVENT loop to work.  I started to wonder if there wasn't something wrong with the Diamond cartridge but as usual, there wasn't.  I had put a semicolon in front of the JSR's in the Event loop to ignore  the ones that hadn't been written.  And one in front of a JMP that needed to be made.


Solution to problem #1.  REMOVE the ";".


The second event routine to be added to the Event loop was the keyboard icon event.  It was needed to send NOTEON and NOTEOFF commands to the NTS-1.  After a few changes the keyboard started working but would then start sending erroneous data, then sometimes it would send a couple more notes. The three weeks of studying the code had little effect.  Then …. A brain fart.


Solution to problem #2.  Change the *= from $2100 to $2300.


Now all that’s left is to write the active control icon selection process (radio buttons), change the value of the active control, send the CC control command to the NTS-1, load a saved patch, and save a new patch in MIDI Music System voice format.



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Thanks for doing this. It's amazing seeing Diamond (and any GUI) working on the 8-bit computers. Also seeing the MIDI device being used on the 8-bit is cool as well. Hybrid Arts creating a whole series of programs that got very little attention because of the STs. Looking forward to seeing more.

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