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The Intellivision 44th Birthday Party Continues!



I had such a blast last week, that I'm gonna do it again! Intellivision games on tonight's Old GOAT stream, including two games created by another retro gaming Youtuber, Brian of Brian's Man Cave!

ETA is tonight (Dec. 14, 2023) at 8:30pm Eastern Time, but depending on how things go I may need to start a little late, at about 9:00pm Eastern instead.



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Wow, I had a ton of fun last night. Somehow I can never get enough of playing Intellivision - one of my favorite old school consoles for sure. 😄

Thanks to @Brian's Man Cave for joining as I played a couple of his games!

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Index of games played this stream:
07:12 Caverns of Mars
23:07 Kool-Aid Man
45:13 Keystone Kopps
01:03:40 Fast Food Plus
01:17:25 Pinball
01:29:29 Safecracker - reading the manual
01:42:05 Safecracker - playing the game
01:54:15 Intellivania
02:03:58 Yogi's Frustration
02:13:46 Hotel Bunny
02:26:58 Mystic Castle
03:07:23 King of the Mountain

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