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Road to Ica Taka



    After the desert and stealing the engine from the evil lady, we were off into the storm ocean. It looks like giant tornadoes top to bottom like something out of Star Trek. And it's against the wind and pulls the ship left. I was not impressed, I spent more time here then I want to admit, random encounters every 3 seconds. Finally, following blowing garbage in the wind I make it out.





I spot a town and land in a jungle. Good music here. The towns kinda like a maze, neat design. And everyone hates me, they think I'm with the evil Valuan empire burning the forest looking for moon crystals. Great.



After some convincing they're friendlier but I gotta go find their king now. But get sidetracked with another general flying a Dr. Robotnick looking thing with a flamethrower. Then yay the tribal king! 




    Why does he have flags on his horns? Oh wow. Off to the lost city of Rixis for the crystal now. I imagine a dungeon and another elemental boss like the others. Kinda rinse and repeat but there's character and little things that really add up. Enough side content and little bits that keep me interested for now.



An hour later...


The kings medicine doctor knows where it is. He's of course in a mine as slave labor for the empire now. Still a dungeon like I figured. And a terrible terrible. Floor puzzles with pitfalls that return you to the dungeon start. And they progressively get farther and more complicated. Very annoying design. And a high encounter rate, I was not prepared for this 😡.





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