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The Hunt - An Irish Hornpipe Using MMS



At least once a year a giant used book sale happens in a town near me.  Gone are the days when you could find a table full of computer books to look over.  Now even the music section is not large enough to keep me busy while my wife looks over the gazillion books that could end up in her shopping bag(s).


This year three books were carried to the car.  John Brimhall's Adult Piano Course Complete (going to take more then 20 min. every 3 months), Johnannes Brahms Complete Shorter Works for Solo Piano (already in the box for book re-donations), and Traditions by Maggie Sansone for Hammered Dulcimer.


Traditions is a collection of Irish, Scottish, English, American, and French-Canadian Folk music for Hammered Dulcimer.  The music includes Tremolo, Valley Roll, Grace note, Slide and Roll embellishments that give the dulcimer its unique sound.  Programming them into the MIDI Music System (MMS) may present a a bit of a challenge.  Not all these techniques are used in any one song and it should be possible learn the sequence of MMS commands.



The Hunt


The Hunt - looked like a fairly easy Irish Hornpipe to get started.  I rarely find triplets in my sheet music but a quick look at the MMS manual to jog my memory got me through the first three notes of the song.


Once the Melody was in, a base/harmony was programed into Voice 2.  This was programed using one note of the cord triad shown for guitar accompaniment.


This proved to be a very dull song and started the task of looking for a song a little more Irish sounding. Then this was found 10 pages beyond The Hunt. 




Made those changes and then looked for a synth patch that sounded close to a dulcimer.  On the Proteus 2000 synth "gtr:The 12String" - Cmpsr,7,51 ended the search.


It's all here in in the .MUS files for MMS. THEHUNT5.MUS without the control changes for the Proteus 2000.  HUNT2000.MUS has the controls and sets patch.  Maybe you can find better dulcimer.


The Hunt .atr



THEHUNT.MUS - Part A and base - as written.


 THEHUNT3.MUS- {PartB and Base)

V1PB.V01 - #3 as voice files

V2.V02 -

THEHUNT4.MUS - voice files and part A - complete as written.

THEHUNT5.MUS - changed to dotted rhythm.

HUNT2000.MUS - Added settings for Proteus 2000

                                 gtr:The 12String - Cmpsr,7,51 (0-4,32-7,S-51)

                                 MIDI Channel 1


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