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Boys of the Lough - MMS - miniEngine USB



Boys of the Lough, an Irish Reel, is the first score in book, Traditions by Maggie Sansone, for the hammered Dulcimer.  It is also the first to use the slide technique.


"Slide - A slide is marked as two grace notes and is accomplished by sliding the hammer from the top grace note through the second grace note to the primary note." 


It can be heard in the middle of the second phrase or seen in the MIDI Music System file.



Voice 31 - Measure 5


RS  (breath pause)

A5T (start of slide)









The miniEngine USB comes in handy while editing the errors made during note input.  I happened to spin the data wheel and ended up changing the Program to #22 Harmonica. After that, the Dulcimer was forgotten in favor of something reminiscent of a cowboy campfire scene complete with an orchestra (#48 String Ensemble 1) for the harmony.  Just like in the movies.






The String Ensemble, in Voice 2, was a little thin.  With a little bit of experimentation, it was found that Voice 3 could contain a jump to Voice 2 after a 1/32 Rest (RT). Voice 2 was played on channel 2 and Voice 3 on channel 3. Both channels would play the content of Voice 2 bout that slight delay added a few instruments to the orchestra. Just be sure to add a RETurn to the end of Voice 2 to make the song end as it should.


Boys of the Lough.atr


BOYSA.MUS - sheet music

BOYSB.MUS - added Cord


Reminded me of cowboy camp fire movie

V1 S22

V2 TRU12, S48

Created breath pauses for harmonica

BOYSD.MUS/INF - Added V3  played V2 with 1/32 delay to fill out string section



Recorded using Audiotonic - 80 BPM.

  cleaned up line noise with Noise Reduction

  reduced high end with Base and Treble


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