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Blue Man Group



Saw How to be a Megastar Tour 2.0 last night with friends and family in Corpus Christi.


Our original plans were to see them in Houston tonight(Friday the 13th). After we made those plans(but before the tickets went on sale) we found out that they added a show to Corpus Christ(CC), which is about 200 miles south of Houston. My friend, Bryan, works for a law firm in CC and we got "company seats" for less than it would have cost to see them in Houston. The venue in CC is smaller than Houston, so we ended up closer to the stage than we probably would have in Houston. Another plus was we got to hang out in the company club house before the show started.


One thing I found to be really neat was the mobkast, which you signed up for via your cell phone and then you'd receive text messages during the concert. The messages include behind-the-scenes information and a question/answer such as "according to rock lore, green M&Ms were demanded backstage by: A) Eminem, B) Ted Nougat, or C) Van Halen". I know Nougat isn't the correct spelling but that's what they texted :lol:


At the end of the concert they sent a message to take a phot of yourself and upload it. My photo is the 2nd on for the CC show. My friend Bryan is to behind me the left, and his wife Beth is to the right. I've known Bryan and Beth send the mid 80s when I lived in the Corpus Christi area and we were all active in the BBS scene.


I was slightly disappointed that a lot of the material was recycled from The Complex Rock Tour, which I have on DVD. The CC crowd was also a lot more subdued than what I'm used to - they remained sitting in their seats the entire concert until the last song, when it was requested that everybody stand up. Other than that, the show was excellent :thumbsup:


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