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Descriptive Speed, To Do List



Just a few changes.

  • Fixed the reset-game bug.
  • The menu routines expanded into a 2nd bank of ROM so we now have descriptive labels of Kids, Slow, Fast and Medieval instead of 1 thru 4 for the values of Speed.
  • AI players on the Kids level are slower than before.
  • AI speeds swapped - player 1(grey) is now fastest AI and player 4(purple) is the slowest. This makes it so 1 player games can be made more difficult by picking a corner other than grey.

The To Do List (in no order)

  • bug fix - if AI player catchs the lone fireball(ie: only 1 on screen) at the edge of the screen, they freeze in place instead of moving back and forth.
  • easter egg
  • 27 frame dragon animation(waiting on graphics from espire8)
  • update trophies (graphics and smoothly scroll on-off screen)
  • Castle Texture
  • If possible, I'd also like to add music to the menu and when the trophies for round and game are on screen. I haven't yet researched what music to use or how to play it and will drop it if I run out of time. Volunteers would be more than welcome.

mm20061019NTSC.bin mm20061019PAL.bin Medieval_Mayhem.zip


Recommended Comments

Just thought of something - the reason I initially set up the AI players with P1 slowest and P4 fastest was so the more challenging AI players would remain in the games with 2-3 human players.


Going P1 fastest to P4 slowest means the easy AI players will remain instead. :lust:


Any feedback on whether I should change that back?

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I think you should leave the faster AI for 2-3 human player games. For the 1 player game, the player can always choose which corner he's in, and therefore how tough his opponents are. So I guess that's a vote for changing it back.

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