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YOU GOTTA LOVE WORDS WITH CONSECUTIVE 'u's in them, even if they are made up. :)


Anyway, I gave it the ol' college try, but I couldn't quite get a playable version done last night.




-Added legs-up animation when you press the button.

-Enemies can be squished! Er, just by touching them. The timing on this needs work also.

-Constrained player movement. This is now done, except for animating the little bastard and getting his left/right speed correct.

-Added some of the scoring; you gain 10 points for climbing one level.


I think that's it. I might try to make this sort-of playable and then post a new version tonight, otherwise I probably won't post any new versions until next Monday.


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I found a bug. There is a place where the guy can't go up any more. I'd post an image but I can't find a way to post images on blog replies.

Thanks for pointing that out. Don't worry about the image; I know what causes that. :)

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