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Super Mario Advance



Super Mario Advance was a launch game for GBA, which was a collection of Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Bros. This may seem like an odd choice for GBAs first flagship title, you tend to forget that once you get lost inside it. Few people admit it, but SMB2 is an excellent game, and Mario Bros. has its charms too.




SMB2 is mostly ignored because it is the "black sheep" of the series. Rather than jumping on enemies and collecting coins, you pick up enemies and throw them bodily at their chums (though you can use nearby vegetables too). What's more, you can only get coins when you enter the Minus World doors that spawn from hidden vials pulled from the ground. The differences from the first game are immediately apparent. However, this doesn't make it any less of a classic.




On the other hand, Mario Bros. is an arcade game that tasks you to flip over enemies and kick them off the edge of the world. This is accomplished by striking the floor beneath the enemies (once or twice, depending on the enemy), and then running into them. It's simple, fun, and definitely worth playing.

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