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Once upon a time, there was a game for the Atari ST computer called Superfly. A fairly young man named Sauron chanced upon it after seeing mentions of it on Atari ST-related websites, and he saw that it was good.


This young man spent many an hour maneuvering various vehicles through caverns of rock, clouds, asteroids, and moon tunnels, and even managed to maneuver a flying teapot through something or other. He spent many an hour engrossed with this extremely simple yet ultimately challenging game, meeting and besting every challenge encountered, and unlocking everything within the game that there was to unlock. He had much fun with the game, and played it for many years.




Fast forward to the present day...


This same young man, who really wasn't young anymore, discovered a game for the Atari Jaguar called Superfly DX. Ok, so he didn't really discover it, but what really happened is that one of his all-time favorite games pulled him out of a self-imposed exile from his hobby.


The who, what, why, and when of the above doesn't really matter. What does matter is that Superfly DX is one addicting game, combining extremely simple gameplay with exceptional graphics. This game pulls me into it and refuses to let me go, making my "one quick play session" turn into a two hour affair. For those of you who have down tried this game, what are you waiting for? There's simply no excuse not to.




EDIT: Not sure why this posted as being from yesterday when I just posted it tonight. Hmm...


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Maybe it posted as yesterday because you started writing it then and saved it as a draft?


Also, I have an excuse. (I keep those laying around under cushions and stuff.) I'm blaming Vista. Don't judge me. :lust:

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Maybe it posted as yesterday because you started writing it then and saved it as a draft?


Yeah I think that's what happened. Oh well.

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When I get my hands on a Jaguar, I'll definitely give it a shot. But chances are that's gonna be at least 9 months. Ugh its like waiting for a child. D:

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