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Tecmo here I come



I got my Amazon.com money today, so I'm going to buy Tecmo Classic Arcade for Xbox tomorrow. After all of these years of waiting, I'll finally get to play a good working version of Swimmer. I'm sure I'll like some of the other games, but Swimmer is the main game that I have been waiting for.




Now all I need is the Commodore 64 game Toy Bizarre in a collection for the Xbox or 360.








Swimmer was buggy. Even a second copy had the same problem. Seems the company didn't test it properly. I had to go back to the store for a third time and get my money back. Swimmer was the only game I really cared about and



Random Terrain


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OK, I bought it and played all of the games for a short time. I like some of the games, but I had a problem with Swimmer. Sometimes the sound messes up. It seems to be random. The sound cuts out in spots or messes up in other ways. I wonder if something is wrong with my disc? The emulated version on my PC doesn't do that.





It wasn't my disc, it must be all of them because a second one had the same problem. I had to just get my money back.

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