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did more than I expected



  • Robot speed ramp up redone to take twice as many levels to hit max speed.
  • Slow robot shots now move at 1/4 humanoid shot speed.
  • Fast robot shots now move at 1/2 humanoid shot speed.
  • Max shots per level now ramps up from 0 shots to 3 slow shots, then 1 to 3 fast shots.
  • Death sequence for humanoid
  • Robots explode when hit. Shrapnel can take out other robots and the humanoid.
  • Preliminary Evil Otto routines.
  • Implemented 3 reserved lives
  • Robots are inactive for 1st second of each level.
  • bonus points awarded if all robots on the level destroyed

Exploding robots (sometimes the right half of the explosion is invisible, haven't been able to track down why yet).



Evil Otto taking out a robot while chasing you



Lives remaining/Bonus points









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Stellar work! :thumbsup:


I'd love to see the hero get more than 2 frames in his walk cycle. I know that's how Berzerk did it, but Frantic looks so nice that the minimal walk cycle looks out of place.

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Yeah, that'd be nice. I've been working from the mockup that espire8 sent me back in May, and that's all I've got at the moment. The robot images are even more limited, more hints on what could be. I'm a tad concerned as he's not been online since June 8th.

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Seemo vanished from AtariAge for a long stretch as well. I e-mailed him when I had to show him some work on a label I'm doing for him, and all was well. He just hadn't been here. For that matter, he still hasn't been here in awhile. But then, I still need to get back to work on that label. :roll:

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