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Dragon Age Legends



When I signed up for Google+ I was happy to see that the games (and their notifications) were segregated from the main feed page. Although I didn't join Facebook, my wife did, and her feed was clogged with games related posts. She spent a lot of time on Facebook playing games until she quit cold turkey. I told myself to avoid the games on Google+, and I managed to do it for a month.


It's all her fault . . . she joined Google+ and started playing Zombie Lane, so I figured I would play too, if just to help out with stuff which requires friends. But I quickly got frustrated as the objectives changed so they couldn't be accomplished in a single day. (e.g. kill two super Zombies, which can only be killed with crafted weapons, which require killing other Zombies and hoping they drop the necessary items)


So I started playing Dragon Age Legends. The main quest is fairly linear - you travel from encounter to encounter (each encounter being either a story point or a battle) which requires energy that automatically replenishes with time. (This is a good thing as it limits how long I can play at a sitting.) Battles are turn based with a party of 1-3 (you plus two characters) facing off against several waves of 1-6 creatures. After each battle you can't use the characters (other than yourself) for several hours. (Again, forcing me to stop playing.) You get additional characters and loot along the way. You also have a castle which you can improve and use to build potions and bomb.


Of course, as a "Free to Play" game, there's lots of ways to spend real money but I haven't needed to yet (and probably won't in any case). But it's weird to see that there's an option to buy 6,000 crowns for $99.90! (Right beside the option to buy 200 crowns for $4.90.)


I've gotten myself up to level 10 (first level cap). The battles are getting tougher so my potion & bomb production is more of a limiting factor than party members or energy. I'm also gold poor (just spent 1,000 on the level cap) and I need 2,400 gold to build my throne room so I can build furnaces to upgrade my production. Winning some battles give a decent amount of gold, but some just give a cheap item.

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My wife has also decided to stop playing Zombie Lane - for basically the same reason: a quest which required killing specific zombies for a chance to obtain specific materials.


But I've introduced her to Glitch, which seems fun. The only "problem" is you can play for a very long time.

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