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Real Fake Zombies

Random Terrain


There are a lot of wimpy, meek people out there who think they have nothing to lose and nothing to live for. There are also idiots who will follow any trend. I predict that thousands or maybe even millions of people will put on zombie makeup, then take bath salts with the intention of eating human flesh. We already have goth nerd vampire wannabes who drink human blood and they aren't even taking bath salts. They'll probably dress up and take the drug too. We'll have fake vampires and fake zombies running around all over the place who will drink your blood or rip the flesh off your bones for a snack. The best time for them to do it would be on Halloween when nobody would suspect that anything is out of the ordinary, so watch your back . . . and your face.


Looks like the meek really will inherit the earth since the rest of us will be lunch.




Next time it won't be just a prank.




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