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The Return of Futuristic Inventions and Cool Stuff

Random Terrain


The old Futuristic Inventions and Cool Stuff section of my web site used to have 19 pages. It became too much to handle, so I deleted most of the pages a couple of years ago.


I had an idea last week and spent a few days upgrading some of the old pages and combining others, so now that section is back with 11 pages instead of 19:




Having fewer pages will make that section easier to deal with. I'm still checking links and hunting for dead YouTube videos, but I hope it won't take too much longer. I should be finished by tomorrow.





Google gave all of the pages a PageRank of 1 and that seemed to hurt the PageRank of my web site in general, so I deleted the whole futuristic inventions section. We're in the 21st century and Star Trek style gadgets and technology should become commonplace pretty soon, so that section of my web site isn't necessary. The future is already here.




Random Terrain



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