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Goodbye Google AdSense Ads

Random Terrain


Seems like hardly anyone has been clicking on the Google AdSense ads on my web site for the last 3 months, no matter where I put them or what I try. I'm getting tired of fiddling with the ads, so I removed them from my pages. My web site is now ad-free (except for the site search and any ads that might be inside of embedded games). I'm no longer semi-poor, so the ads have become more trouble than they are worth.


People who hate it when web site owners try to make their web sites pay for themselves can visit my web site now without huffing, puffing, whining, or crying. :-D






Not long after I removed the ads, the Google Analytics Real-Time reports stopped working. I put a couple of ads on my main page to see if that would help and the Real-Time reports came back after a few days. Looks like I'll have to keep an ad or two on my web site if I want to keep viewing the Real-Time data.




Update #2:


Since I need to have an ad on my web site anyway, I have around 50 bucks just sitting there, so I put ads back on the favorite quotation pages to get another 50 so I can reach the 100 dollar minimum to get paid.




Random Terrain



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