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TI-99 4a updates

Space Centurion


Hi all. As I am waiting for some new keyboards to arrive for my 4a (mine died), I bought a second 4a with joysticks and manuals from a guy down the street from me. This 4a seems to be in a bit better shape, and the keyboard fully works, although I do get a bit of key-repeat happening here and there. Also came with TI Invaders. The first came with Moonpatrol. I'm up to two games! :-)


Once I was happy with the operation of the 2nd I plugged the PEB in and tried to get some disk access as I haven't been able to try it out yet. I have no idea whats on the disk, but at least the drives (DSK1 and DSK2) do recognize and spin! So far so good! I should mention that I do not have the disk manager cart or the extended basic cart, so I have to putter around with just normal basic. Later tonight I hope to try out some simple commands to the serial ports to see if it works too.


Well, so far so good. More updates to follow.


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With the help of Atariage members, diagnosed my joystick issues to be the joysticks themselves, so now I have a pair of dead joysticks... :-( Opened them up to find the traces are peeling a bit...argh...all well, I think I just might remove the joysticks from the wire, solder on some new diodes and db9 sockets, and make the atari joystick mod out of it. I really hate to destroy something like this, but if it is already dead, then it is not sooo bad.


Also quick tested the RS232 card, seems to respond ok, both serial and parallel.


Managed to get the tape drive to work too, too bad most of the titles I have need the extended basic though.


Bit by bit......things will come together! :-)

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More updates.... Well, looking closer at the joysticks, turns out the traces are not peeling, but has an oxidized look to them. What it looks like is that the contact points have gone bad. I'll try to repair them down the road. For now, I built the the standard joystick adapter using diodes and db9 connectors, and everything works well, although my Atari's and Commodores are a bit upset they have to share the joysticks! So, I can at least play some cartridges for now. I also went on a buying spree and have a diskmanager II cart arriving soon with a Parsec cart and manual. Also bought a lot of 12 carts, 11 of which are educational. I am hoping I can get the kids to sit down and learn something. They both seem to be into the retro computers, and I figure this way it might be more fun learning. The final cart of this lot is, of course, Parsec, because I just bought one! :-) Hope they get here soon.....

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Well.....I went on a bit of a spending spree.....I bought another 4a that came with joysticks, these one work. My little 2 year old likes using these. :-) The 4a itself works very well, and is the best one so far as there are no keyboard issues. Added to the list, I bought some carts too. Most are some early kid educational games that were a good price on ebay. I also bought a disk manager 2 cart so now I can test my PEB. Just quick tested so far, drive number one works well, drive two has some issues. May just need a good cleaning. I also got the parsec game, which is addictive in its own way. Now I want to get the speech module to hear what it says....hehe...more things to buy!

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