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This is my new blog where I can personalize more I like. You can read my blogs but you need to join to left comments and download files. Only one rule: don't start your own blogs here. It's not yours. You will be kicked if you do.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Now my limit of weight has decreased and I can't move. What are they thinking when making this game?
  3. I played a new game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion I ordered by mail. The start is fine and like this game untill I caught vampirism. I lose energy when going outside in days. Because of vampirism, everybody started acting stupid, prevents me to go further of the game. Because of this, I have no other choice but to look to internet how to rid vampirism. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a great game ruined by this illness.
  4. After reading Gamepro and there's a handheld called PowerPro. After searching on the internet, I found PowerPro is on another name Gamate. I never saw this handheld on the stores in 1990s. I don't find PowerPro or Gamate on Mobygames. It would be interesting how many PowerPro games are released.
  5. An arcade game allows to destroy arcade machine. Thanks to SEGA.
  6. Played this many times in the early 80s in high school on a PET in the math teachers office. They even had a radio hacked up to plug into the parallel port for sound.
  7. I played Galaxian on Atari VCS today.
  8. All clubs are updated at the same time.
  9. When playing on New 3DS, a part of the back screen has cracked and felt. Looks like New 3DS is made with cheap materials. My original Gameboy is still intact. How many N3DS will still remain in one piece 100 years later. 😢😢
  10. I played Berzerk on Atari 2600 (emulator) with a gamepad. Gamepad/Joystick on PC Windows sucks.
  11. Alien Carnage is a fun game where you save beautiful girls and men. I think I payd $9.99 for this game in 1990s. The goal is to save all hostages before going to the elevator to complete a level. A glued girl waiting to be rescued. She shows love to the hero. How lovely. Sometimes, women are wandering around until the hero saves her. Not all girls are friendly. This zombie girl wants you dead. It's better to rid her. Guys need to be saved too. This one is happy. How can be possible I skip a hostage? I get this screen each time I complete a level. It remains me FPS games. Another babe saved. How sweet!
  12. I bought this bundle in late 1990s. Activision Game Vault Volume 1 contains Pitfall: the Mayan adventure, Shanghai, Earthworm Jim and Return of Zork. Here de cds. LOL Shanghai and Return to Zork share the same CD. I will play them when I have free time.
  13. I won't know if I get important emails. 😠
  14. It's not true I actived my clubs 11 hours ago. It happened all clubs as well.
  15. It's clearly to see the old woman who lives in a shoe is evil when she whips her kids to bed. She becomes nice with VGA version of Mixed-up Mother Goose. Kissed them all soundly instead whipped them all soundly. Now let's go check the original rythme. ... then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed. Life in ancient times is tough for kids. Here the link: There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe - Wikipedia
  16. Both versions are good. In IBM PC, Rambo III has dogs, crates to open and traps. On Amiga, there're no crates, no dogs and no traps. All objects from crates are on the floor instead. You need to see carefully. Sorry for the picture from Amiga. It's how it displays on emulator.
  17. It's interesting to see for sequences you can't save because of limited memory 128k. MHNY on other systems need 256k or 512k to run. It's in the sewer sequence where you need to collect 12 carts. If you decide to skip, you get all 12 carts in no time. It's more like a cheat to me. In the sequence, you pilot an UFO and you have to destroy important orbs buildings. Skip it and you go to the ending. Manhunter New York is a great game btw on any computer.
  18. I do believe there is a fix for this, it's related to the third-party Community Map application. ..Al
  19. The power of the force makes all clubs updated at the same time. Star War day.
  20. I played Judge Dredd on SNES. I watched this movie once time. I know the main character is a Judge, Jury and executioner. I forgot the main plot of the movie. I like this game. I guess there are clues in the game to know what's going on. So when you arrest a guy in the future, a kind of a flying platform comes to bring the criminal to the jail.
  21. Thanks Albert Because of this, I can't tell what the latest clubs are really updated. All messed up.
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