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This is my new blog where I can personalize more I like. You can read my blogs but you need to join to left comments and download files. Only one rule: don't start your own blogs here. It's not yours. You will be kicked if you do.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. It's not true I actived my clubs 11 hours ago. It happened all clubs as well.
  3. It's clearly to see the old woman who lives in a shoe is evil when she whips her kids to bed. She becomes nice with VGA version of Mixed-up Mother Goose. Kissed them all soundly instead whipped them all soundly. Now let's go check the original rythme. ... then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed. Life in ancient times is tough for kids. Here the link: There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe - Wikipedia
  4. Both versions are good. In IBM PC, Rambo III has dogs, crates to open and traps. On Amiga, there're no crates, no dogs and no traps. All objects from crates are on the floor instead. You need to see carefully. Sorry for the picture from Amiga. It's how it displays on emulator.
  5. It's interesting to see for sequences you can't save because of limited memory 128k. MHNY on other systems need 256k or 512k to run. It's in the sewer sequence where you need to collect 12 carts. If you decide to skip, you get all 12 carts in no time. It's more like a cheat to me. In the sequence, you pilot an UFO and you have to destroy important orbs buildings. Skip it and you go to the ending. Manhunter New York is a great game btw on any computer.
  6. I do believe there is a fix for this, it's related to the third-party Community Map application. ..Al
  7. The power of the force makes all clubs updated at the same time. Star War day.
  8. I played Judge Dredd on SNES. I watched this movie once time. I know the main character is a Judge, Jury and executioner. I forgot the main plot of the movie. I like this game. I guess there are clues in the game to know what's going on. So when you arrest a guy in the future, a kind of a flying platform comes to bring the criminal to the jail.
  9. Thanks Albert Because of this, I can't tell what the latest clubs are really updated. All messed up.
  10. All clubs are activated 21 hours ago. 😠😠😠😠 I thought it was fixed by now.
  11. I know it's an old news by now. Colossal Cave is out.
  12. I give it a try with Phantasie II. It plays more like the first Phantasie. Even spells use the same numbers too. On Apple // the gameplay is unchanged. The main strategy is the same: never going far away too soon until your party levels up. Atari St offers better pictures with a cool animating guard in towns. Most of times, you use your mouse for some actions. The problem with the ST, the cursor moves too fast. I don't know if it's a problem with the emulator Saint St or the game. Most of times, especially in fight, flee button is more used than attack. I miss lots of exps and gold because of this. I prefer playing Phantasie II on Apple II because this version uses keyboard instead of mouse.
  13. Let's play Mixed Up Mother Goose in Japanese shall we?
  14. Who put the plate of ham on the ground? It must be rotten on the sun and full of durt and ants. Who wants to eat it? Jack and his wife of course. They don't care where the ham comes from.
  15. I said press N will go up what is true but you can also press 3 will go up too. It makes the game more fun to play.
  16. The original mod Minecraft Comes Alive was released for Minecraft 1.6-1.12 except 1.11. Someone decided to revive this mod under the name Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn (MCA Reborn). It supports 1.64 to the last version. Meet Whistley the first villager to live in my house. Unfortunately she disappears with no trace. MCA Reborn, menus are improved than previous version and add more options to choose. Welcome to Pondville? What is that? For some reason, once a villager lives in my house, it becomes a village. Too bad, I can't choose my own name. In MCA Reborn, babies won't walk. You need to take him or her. You still interact with babies by talking or telling a story. Babies mood will improve and grow up. When you go near a village, a village name shows. Beside all new additions in MCA Reborn, it's still MCA and I still enjoy it.
  17. I played Phantasie one more time. Let's go to dungeon. Apple // LOL! I don't have dungeon disk. I'm stuck at the surface. It's fun to explore dungeons/churches. It's a place to level up your party. The progression is slow. You always need to level up before exploring new eras.
  18. I played Phantasie few days ago. It's a fun game. I started a new game. IBM PC is easy to start. You create new characters with the menu. You move your party with arrow keys. Sometimes but not always, a horde of enemy can attack you even if you just started a new game. The best strategy is to save before going outside. It's better to level up before going further. Speaking of save, you can save in the town but you can't restore. You need to restart the game to restore from title screen. Apple // version is more complicated. This version does not show a list of available characters. You need to type the number of the character you want to add in the team. Unlike PC version, you need to press N, W, E and S to move your party in the world. Also you need to add all characters to the party each time you restore the game. You don't need that in PC version. Beside the difference the two versions, Phantasie plays the same way. You fight to level up and you find treasures. It's a shame SSI didn't release Phantasie II on PC. I will play Phantasie II on Apple // instead. Phantasie III is available on PC.
  19. How could be possible to play Castlevania: Aria of sorrow on original Gameboy Advance. It's dark. The same game on an emulator. It looks better.
  20. I played Project Eden today. This game features a team of four members the player can play. Each character has his/her own ability to complete the game. Project Eden can be played in third or first person view. I enjoyed this game. It deserves to have sequels.
  21. All clubs are edited or updated at the same time.
  22. You don't see a video of a Commodore Pet game often. Here one: Space Invaders.
  23. Thanks Albert. Please keep us informed.
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