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Atari BBS Community 3rd Friday Zoom Chat



Event details

Just a reminder for the Atari BBS community zoom chat for tomorrow, Friday, May 17th 2024 at 8pm Eastern.

For more information and the proposed agenda, go to http://www.ataribbs.com/zoomchat

This is also the link to the zoom meeting itself (it will automatically forward from 15 minutes before until four hours after the meeting starts).

As you well know, the agenda is always subject to change and the whims of whoever actually attends, but what is planned is...

    - Reproducing the DC Port
    - What do you want to see for the table(s) at VCF Midwest
    - Trying to plan an A8 modem demo but work has been crazy (so we'll see)
    - Project(s) Status(es) (If you're working on something, share it with us!)
    - And whatever else we find ourselves discussing!
Looking forward to seeing all of you!

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