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Because It's There


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Man. I've really fallen behind here. O_o Guess I'd better start catching up on version 1.0.


Here's something anyway:





This is a little thing I've dreamt up called Because It's There. The object is to climb to the summit of a mountain while avoiding a giant, rolling snowball.


At the game select screen, press Select to choose which mountain you want to tackle:


1) Mount Molehill -- A 2000 foot climb, perfect for beginners. Things don't move too quickly, so you can learn the ropes.


2) Mount Kumquat -- A more challenging 10,000 foot climb, with a faster snowball.


3) Mount Everest -- The highest peak on Earth, this mountain will challenge you to a 29,025 foot climb, and things move fast.


4) Mount Babel -- The ultimate challenge. This is a mountain that never ends, and no bonus lives are awarded. How high can you climb?


Press Reset or Fire to start the game. Press reset to start the game over, or press select to return to the mountain select screen.


You get a ladder and a bridge to help you on your climb. To use a tool, press the fire button and push the joystick in the direction you want to lay it. Press up or down to extend a ladder in that direction, and press left or right to extend a bridge in that direction. Look out, because a snowball will roll right across your bridge if you leave it out! Press the fire button again to retrieve your tool (you don't have to be touching it) so you can deploy it somewhere else. You can only have one tool out at a time.


You start the game with three lives, shown as the squares in the lower left corner. You lose a life if you get hit by the snowball or you fall off the bottom of the screen. A bonus life is awarded every 2000 feet that you climb. You can have, at most, four lives.


It's written for bB 0.35 so... keep that in mind if you're going to look at the code as an example. ;)

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Yeah, I always wanted to enter something like that Minigame Comp. Pretty sure something'll come along to beat me too. I just really like the idea of people being forced to play something I wrote, even if only for the time it takes to pass a judgement. ;)

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We'll be checking out Because It's There on tomorrow's (Fri Jul 17) ZeroPage Homebrew stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!







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