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Cannonfire-cart release survey


Cannonfire on cart  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you be interested in a cart version of this game?

    • Yes
    • I won't know until the final released version is ready
  2. 2. If yes, would you perfer a boxed version or loose?

    • Boxed
    • Loose
    • Does not matter to me.
  3. 3. What is your price range?

    • $35 to $39 for a professional boxed version
    • $30 to $34 is my limit for a boxed version
    • I'd like a boxed version but nothing over $30 otherwise I'll buy loose.
    • I don't care for a box but if it's a nice looking one and at about $3 to $4 above the loose cost, maybe.
    • I'd like a box version but I can't pay anything more than $25, otherwise I'll just buy loose.
    • I don't care if it's boxed or loose as long as it's priced $25 or less.
    • I perfer no box for the lowest loose cost possible.
  4. 4. Would you wait for the proposed enhanced 8k-32k version later or just get the current 4k now?

    • I perfer the enhanced version and will wait for it.
    • I'll accept the 4k so I can buy it asap.
    • Don't matter to me so long as it's definatly being released.
  5. 5. Finaly, so as to determine the number of carts to make, would you definately buy at least 1 copy of this title loose or boxed?

    • Yes, I'm very interested.
    • Don't know yet / undecided

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  • Graphics have been inverted
  • new colors
    • LAVACOLOR = $20
    • BUBBLECOLOR = $28

    [*]Set TV TYPE = B&W for "full lava" *

I've done some preliminary work on Lava bubbles above the horizon. At the moment it's a no-go as there's not enough time to do it w/out any graphic corruption.


* note - this uncovered a bug in the original code. If the difficulty level is set to B then the lava doesn't smoothy go up, it "jumps" over the wide section of the cannon. I haven't fixed this, so to work around it set the difficulty to A.


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Darrell, this is so cool! The new colors worked out really great, especialy when the bubble's color blends in and out with that of the pulsing lava. I also noticed another bug -the lava doesn't ever go down no matter how many times you hit the dragon, but I think I like it! :evil: It does present a new challenge of 'no turning back' the first time you miss a fireball. I'm actualy glad that glich came about!


Anyway ,as you mentioned, If bubles over the horizon don't work out, that's okay, we can ditch that idea if it's a no-go. It was merely a suggestion if it were easily possible but if it turns out to be a headach to pull off, then it's best to let it be. Besides, I think the lava looks great as it is right now, i can almost feel it's heat! :D


Got to go to work now...I'll type you more about this later. :)

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Just want to update everyone on the cart label/box art.


I been doing alot of relief work for others at my job lately and it has just been extended to the end of October. I accepted because I think I need the extra money and this is going to push me back from getting the label and box art started. I'm sorry it's gonna be slow folks and I can't give this project a holiday deadline as it was more for myself in the first place. But I will keep the poll open in the mean time as I may be only able to release this on cart only once.


Anyway, I hope to get something ready to show in my next post here soon, even just a stylized title. But believe me, when I do have it all ready, it will be so worth it because I'm doing this just for this hack, and it may be my last one because I have other long-term, non-game related projects ahead of me and I'll only have time for one shot at this, so it's gonna look exquisit.

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  • 1 month later...

UPDATE: At this moment Darrell is unable to squeeze in any time to continue work on the Cannonfire project because of some last minute situation that need his attention.

This hack will be shelved for now, but Darrell and I definitly will come back to it again perhaps by next year January '08. I know that sound like awhile but I'm sure we all can understand there's so much that people need to get done during Thanksgiving and having guest over for the season and stuff.


So for now, I feel the poll has served it's purpose and I know that there are enough people who really want a cart to warrent a boxed release of 35 copies.

I'll start a new thread to make the announcement once I have the box and lable art under way, so until then the balcony is now closed. Thanks to all of you who took the time to express your interest and support here.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you again when the smoke clears! :)

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  • 7 months later...

Hi. While I was away last year the project was shelved but not forgotten. Took me some time to catch up with all the happenings I missed on AA while i were gone and upon my return I got involved in a few things here and there.

Progress on Cannonfire with Darrell and myself will resume shortly now that im back. :)

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  • 7 years later...

I happen to be a paddle game fanatic. Always loved eggomania and this hack looks so promissing. From what I have read this is more or less a graphics hack which generally does not peak my interest. I admit the graphical changes are stunning and amazing. I seen there is a point alteration that works better over the original game which is fantastic. I was just wondering if there can be additional game select options such as game 2 would be faster and game 3 could allow for a second player who can take control of the dragon or game 4 (Shooting practice) no collection of flames just a cannon firing at the dragon. Perhaps more such as what was sujusted earler with starting out with the lava almost compleatly covering cannon from the start of the game. Many ATARI games support these variations between games. I sadly know nothing when it comes to coding an ATARI game but I have coded stuff for modern games. Wouldent it be the same as modern games to slightly edit the exysting code for each variation?


I realize my idea is extremely ambitious but since this is still under devlopment I had to toss it out there for an idea. It would be amazing if this could be done. It would make this much more worth being an actual cart release because it would at that point truly be its own game and not just a graphics hack.

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