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Surprise! A game I *don't* need help on!


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I just spent some time playing HH and found a few more shortcuts...


Level 7:



Level 10:



Level 12:



Level 13:



I also noticed that the candy-corn in level 12 should be repositioned a bit, it sits a bit over the playfield.


Hope those shortcuts don't cause you hairloss ;)


Keep up the good work on this game, i really enjoy it!

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Changed the way to select levels at the title screen. Pressing left goes back one level. If you press left when the level is 1, it goes to the last level, then the next-to-last level, etc. Pressing right goes to level 2, 3, etc. Added two levels (levels 18 and 19.) I ran out of colors, so I started reusing colors from earlier levels.



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I noticed that in Level 5 the number of required moves isn't reduced, it's still 25.

Found another shortcut in Level 19:




I think it would be nice if you could start the game by pressing fire and if you could go back to the title screen during game by pressing reset.

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