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FS: 2600 Boxed & Loose, Wonder wizard, Cosmic Commander, Tv Sports & MORE


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Updated 5/23/11 -- Thanks for looking :)

LOTS More available thats not listed, just look through my Gallery if you see anything you are interested in message me?




PRICES BELOW/ SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED/ Paypal, Personal check, Postal Money order

**See pictures for condition & written detailed description**



Brand New Monterverdi Tv Sports 825 (PONG)... $45

Nice boxed Wonder Wizard... $25

Boxed Cosmic Commander... $25 ON HOLD

2600 games, Boxed & loose...

--Boxed games

*Bump & Jump...$10

*Titlematch Pro Wrestling...$10

*Sears Target Fun (gatefold)...$12

*Sears Target Fun (gatefold)...$12

--Loose games

*Death Trap...$45

*London Blitz (1)...$15

*London Blitz (2)...$15


*Miner 2049er...$15 SOLD

*Frogger II...$20

*Submarine Commander (1)...$15

*Submarine Commander (2)...$15

*Snoopy & Red Baron (1)...$20

*Snoopy & Red Baron (2)...$15

*Spikes Peak/Ghost Manor DE...$10

Board Games- $12 each


-Ms Pacman


-pac man card game


1 Pac Man lcd handheld game... $10











Here is a Brand New Monterverdi Tv Sports 825

MINT perfect box, brand new mint inside never used, Very Nice!!

post-2771-1182279111_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182279118_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182279127_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182279146_thumb.jpg


Wonder Wizard

Complete, really clean, works great, box is kinda rough but displays fine!

post-2771-1182279715_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182279727_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182279737_thumb.jpg


Cosmic Commander Control

Really nice, loks like it was rarely used.

Owners manual and front sticker included, other 2 stickers were applied. No cardboard insert.

post-2771-1182384662_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182384673_thumb.jpg



Some Boxed and loose games...

post-2771-1182267032_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182267039_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182267048_thumb.jpg

post-2771-1182267055_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182267067_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182540091_thumb.jpg



Board Games...

Pac Man--box good, 1 split corner, game board and pieces are all in "Great shape". Writing on inside bottom of box.

Ms pacman-- box good, game board and pieces very nice, Ghost stickers are loosing their stickyness, a few are not stuck anymore.

2 Zaxxon-- MINT everything, very nice games.

Pac Man card game-- MINT like new, box has a little shelf ware.

post-2771-1182384915_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182384927_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182384937_thumb.jpg

post-2771-1182384948_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182384983_thumb.jpg



1 lcd Pac Man handheld game

Clean working & fun...

post-2771-1182479989_thumb.jpg post-2771-1182479998_thumb.jpg

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There are a few more things for you to ponder on while i get some more things together. I got real buzy yesterday and today so the details are not all there about condition or prices yet, so just take a look for now, if you want to make an offer on anything please do, and i will be updateing things during the week, thanks for your patience guys!!

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A few more things added for your consideration. Please keep the offers coming, i will update things soon. I know some of you dont like the "make me an offer route", but for the next few days i will just be takeing offers, i will update a few things with prices as i get there, thanks for understanding.


Hey Pubaa, the N-gage's are working demo's of the original- not QD, they play games just fine, bluetooth, mp3, but no phone--You have to re-flash them to enable the phone and apps features from what i understand.


Just an update on the 7800 & 5200, as im sure most of you figured I have had alot of interest and many offers on them, but you are going to have to dig deep , im not letting those go without a fight! :)

Just FYI--The highest offers are $200 each right now on the 7800 & 5200...


I also have a boxed Sears video arcade II, and a Boxed Atari Stunt cycle, i will post some pics of those in the next day or so.

Edited by RIVER
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So guys please be honest with me, do you guys not need any more of this stuff, do you have no money, wrong time of year, prices to high, let me know your thoughts please. Some of this stuff will be going on ebay in the next week or so, so let me know if you want anything or make me an offer, ya never know...

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Some new stuff added this week, and more coming...

Some Sold items removed...

Some prices lowered...

Pm's all responded to--i think, if not let me know.


The ballys is Brand New MINTY fresh, i am just seeing if anyone really wants it, send your offer via pm is you want to.

Thanks to all who have bought stuff, several things have been shipped, let me know when you get them...Thanks...

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A few new items added, some for sale with prices and some to send me an offer....7/7/07


Some prices changed, some items OFF of hold, more items shipped. Thanks to everyone for your orders, your suggestions, your offers, and your help!!


1 Brand New Sealed Atari Jaguar

1 Brand New opened Atari Jaguar

1 Used Dreamcast in a (previously played) box with 2 controllers, power cord & tv cable, and boxed Dreamcast keyboard.

1 (yes another) Brand New Channel F

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Prices lowered one last time. Prices added to the New Jaguars. I am still waiting to here from several of you guys who were interested in buying several things, i pmed ya several times so please let me know one way or another if you would please. If you dont like the prices feel free to make me an offer, you might get lucky, you might not... :) Thanks again you guys are the best...

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Added 2 digital cameras for sale. I got a new one for an early birthday gift so these 2 get to go. I have used both these cameras to take all the pictures i have posted on Atari Age over the last few years, you can go look through my pics and collection pics to see that they take good pictures, they both work great, so if you need an entry level point & shoot camera these would be great.


** Some prices changed, several more items sold & removed, shipped several items this week, please let me know when you get them! Thank you...

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Bought a few items from the origional list - stunt cycle, comics etc and they arrived today in the Uk a week after shipping from the US! Everything in excellent condition, extremely well packaged, and River was a great guy to deal with!



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