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Haunted House II 3-D Label Contest

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All I can say is WOW.. the bar keeps moving up every time these label contests continue..


Now at the risk of sounding partisan.. er.. well.. ah the hell with it.. GO ATARIPITBULL! You are an artiste! Let's see some of those famous Pitbull colors in entry #2!!!! Who the heck wants a dark old label you can't see without looking at it closely? Colors, colors! Rah! Rah! Rah! :D


And no entry yet from Brett G? He's always been my darkhorse favorite.. I can STILL visualize that bunny from the QB label contest. :)


Great work so far everyone! I had one worked up, but I don't know if T&A really fit the genre.. unless I spookified them, like Moycon, maybe.. hmm..



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Thanks for those very nice words about my work rpmxxipt, I do what I can with the microsoft paint program that comes with all computers, I have no skill with Photo shop or Coral Draw, I am going back to school to take classes to learn how to use them so I can make 3-d pictures like everyone else does.


:D :sad: :D

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Hey guys, my entries are in. Once I saw we could see each other labels before the deadline, I stayed away fom the page so that other designs would not influence mine. Who knows who is going to win, there is a lot of talent at this board, but on originality and thinking out of the box I think Chris Johnson has the lead for his glasses-required label.

Good luck to everybody that entered, this was fun.

Now, if I don't eat today I may still be able to crank out one more...


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I usually check AA around 2x/week, and it figures, i forgot to check this past 2 weeks. I only found out about the contest on saturday, and it didnt leave me much time to make a label I was happy with. I guess i should have subscribed to the mailing list, oh well. Well, this is what i had time to do:


the text is a bit hard to read in this, but that is because of the jpg compression. Anyway, i wasnt able to finish this to my complete satisfaction, but i am still entering it. hee hee

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Yes, I have to admit that Chris J's label was very clever.. but was it done with Windows paint?

No, indeed not. For anyone interested, the key peice of software was Anaglyph Maker.




Other parts of the puzzle include:


A Fujifilm MX-2700 with a cute little tripod

Photoshop 3.0.5

Word for the 3D lettering (seriously)


The spider was found in a swapmeet (trash 'n treasure, car-boot sale, whatever) and cost a buck or so. Same for the skeletons.

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