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If Pac-Man were human (animated gif picture)

Mike 01Hawk

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Repost I'm sure... but it's kinda impossible to do a search on :)


If the reference is to Atari Pac Man, shouldn't the enemies appear one at a time on successive frames? Perhaps in the order 1-3-2-4 so it doesn't simply appear as left-right motion?


I had the exactly same thought when seeing this... :D

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Not seeing the image here.


For some reason, www.imgred.com (like www.7chan.org) refuses to resolve at my end. Not behind a firewall or anything, and it's nothing in hosts, or dns on my end. :mad:


This happens occasionaly with Compusa and Gamestop too for some reason. When it does, power cycling the cable modem sometimes fixes it for a few minutes, then they stop working again. Tho I tried power cycling for 7chan and imgred with no results at all. Either the modem is hosed (which I doubt because it's too isolated) or it's a Comcast issue (which I can believe).


Anywho, would someone who can see the pic attach it here?

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Compusa is out of business so I figure it would happen to everyone all the time now. :)

No they aren't. Only half the stores were shut down. Compusa.com is up as we speak. :P


As a matter of fact, the picture in this thread is loading now, and so is 7chan. I guess Comcast DNS servers finally resolved. :ponder:

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