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Online Emulators for Classic Consoles and Old Computers

Fort Apocalypse

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Here's a short list of web-based (all java-based?) emulators. Please let me know if I missed any, although I'm not really interested in the flash-based/DHTML/Javascript game rewrites- only emulators please!:




http://jemu.winape.net/ (multi-emulator)


Apple II Online Emulator (Apple ][, Apple 2)



(see Drol Online)


(see Snakebyte Online, Mario Bros. Online, and Tetris Online)


http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mressl/appl...ryit/index.html (doesn't work)


(note: there is another at http://virtualapple.org/ that wants you to install a cab file and it may be spyware from the name of it, so I don't think it should qualify, but listing just for completeness)


Arcade Online Emulator (Similar to MAME)



JAE: http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/jae.html (doesn't work for me)

Phoenix Arcade Emulator http://muriloq.com/phoenix/ (also Pleides there)

8080 arcade emulator at Dave's Classics http://www.davesclassics.com/Java/JavaInvaders/menu.html (no longer available :( )


Atari 2600 Online Emulator



(see AtariTimes JStella page (site down temporarily when I posted this), Thrust Online, Medieval Mayhem Online, and some of my games ;) )


Atari ST




BBC Model B



http://jemu.winape.net/ (Multi-emulator)


ColecoVision Online Emulator


http://vcoleco.classicgaming.gamespy.com/J...coJavaDemo.html (can't get this to work)


Commodore 64 Online Emulator






Dick Smith VZ-300


http://jemu.winape.net/ (multi-emulator)








http://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/zoppke/D/simulation.html (kind of nasty)


ENIMA Machine - not really a computer but close




Gameboy Online Emulator


http://www.angelfire.com/ill/gbcroms/ (doesn't work for me)



HP Calculators




Mailüfterl Online Emulator




MSX Online Emulator



(but it didn't work for me)


Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Online Emulator




http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/ONE_Play.html (doesn't work for me)


PDP-1 Spacewar Online Emulator




PDP-8 Online Emulator




Manchester Mark 1 ("Baby")


http://www.kreative.net/bwn/jbaby/ (no longer available? :( )


Sega Master System Online Emulator


http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/JSMS.html (doesn't work for me)


Sinclair VX Spectrum 48k Online Emulator


http://jemu.winape.net/ (multi-emulator)


Sinclair ZX Spectrum Online Emulator





Sinclair ZX80, Sinclair ZX81 - http://jemu.winape.net/ (multi-emulator)

Sinclair ZX81 - http://www.zx81stuff.org.uk/zx81/jtyone.html


SMIL Online Emulator




TRS-80 Level I Online Emulator




TRS-80 Color Computer 2 Online Emulator


Mocha - http://members.cox.net/javacoco/index.shtml


Timex/Sinclair 1000 Online Emulator




TTY Tape Punch Emulator




x86 PC Online Emulator



(that one is pretty sweet, I think) (for example: type "c:", then "cd mario", then "mario")

PC/XT emulator http://www.xs4all.nl/~rjoris/retro/


VX, ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81


See Sinclair


Stuff I'd like to see online emulators for, but haven't found


Atari 8-bit (400/800)

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Ok- was scratching my head trying to find a Atari 5200/8-bit emulator, and just thought- it seems like it would be easy enough to take advantage of the x86 emulator at http://www-jpc.physics.ox.ac.uk/ and then have autoexec.bat in each virtual environment in turn run various DOS-based emulators (of which there are many, including some for the 5200). So a DOS-based emulator running within a web-based/Java-based emulator! :) If I have time, I might try to figure this out, but feel free to take it on if you'd like. I wonder... if you used the webbased x86 emulator to run a browser which in turn viewed the same page... nah.

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http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/ONE_Play.html (doesn't work for me)


Sega Master System Online Emulator


http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/JSMS.html (doesn't work for me)




JAE: http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/jae.html (doesn't work for me)


Phoenix Arcade Emulator http://muriloq.com/phoenix/






http://www.angelfire.com/ill/gbcroms/ (doesn't work for me)










May need to update this page with some of these





http://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/zoppke/D/simulation.html (kind of nasty)


ZX Sinclair



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TTY Tape Punch Emulator




On http://acorn.cybervillage.co.uk/emulation/java/index.htm

there were some references to emulators that are no longer there :(

like the Manchester Mark 1 ("Baby") at http://www.kreative.net/bwn/jbaby/

and the 8080 arcade emulator at Dave's Classics









Note: found a "SLIM" emulator http://gustavus.edu/+max/concabs/applets/SLIME/ but according to page 334 of http://gustavus.edu/+max/concrete-abstract...bstractions.pdf no such computer exists (was made up).


HP Calculators - may not be interested, but including anyway





ENIMA Machine - not really a computer but close




ZX emu





PC/XT emulator




Apple 2



http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mressl/appl...ryit/index.html (doesn't work)






Acorn BBC Model B, Amstrad CPC464, Dick Smith VZ-300, Sinclair VX Spectrum 48k, Sinclair ZX80, Sinclair ZX81



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Avast says there is a virus at this web site:





In researching the iframe virus/worm warning, it seems to be somewhat common and more often then not is NOT a false report, but an indicator that the site has been hacked in some way.



There are a bunch of iframe references in the page source, All flagged to be hidden. Some are pointing to a russian site, some are pointing to dead links, one is trying to load an xhtml/java page that seems to be trying to emulate IE and Firefox's 'unable to load page' prompts. :ponder:


One of the iframe links is http://wsxhost.net/ which comes up as google-analyze.cn, except when you look up the IP, it's associated to like 5 different sites, and if you do a reverse trace on it, it goes back to ViewQwest in Singapore. Norton Safe Web reports there are 101 viruses and 2 security risks on that address. :ponder:


Loading the page source up in FrontPage triggers Ad-Watch to pop up that it's trying to change HKey_Curent_User reg entries.


So yeah, I get the feeling www.jac64.com has been compromised.

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By the Java-Emu Team


BoycottAdvance Online (BAO) [Gameboy Advance Emulator in Java]


CottAGE (Cott Arcade Generic Emulator) [Multiple Arcade Emulator in Java]


PlayScott (the Online Arcade JukeBox) [Multiple Arcade Music Emulator in Java]


GPCott [GamePark 32 Emulator in Java]


PotatoSMS [Master System/GameGear Emulator in Java]


NesCott [Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Emulator in Java]


PCott [MsDos/PC Emulator in Java]


Ps2Cott [PlayStation II Emulator in Java]


TGCott [PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 Emulator in Java]


WonderScott Online (WSO) [WonderSwan & WonderSwan Color Emulator in Java]



Other emulators


Atari ST Emulator [Atari ST Emulator in Java]


Gameboy Emu DX [Gameboy & Gameboy Color Emulator in Java]


Hob [ZX Spectrum Emulator in Java]


JAE (Java Arcade Emulator) [Multiple Arcade Emulator in Java]


Jasper [ZX Spectrum Emulator in Java]


Java MSX Emulator [MSX Emulator in Java]


Java ZX81 Emulator [ZX81 Emulator in Java]


NOSE (Online SMS Emulator) [Master System Emulator in Java]


ONE (Online NES Emulator) [Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Emulator in Java]


Phoenix Java Emulator [single Arcade Emulator in Java]


Pleiads Java Emulator [single Arcade Emulator in Java]


Spectrum for Java [ZX Spectrum Emulator in Java]


The Microtan Java Emulator [Microtan Emulator in Java]



Other projects


SarienCott [AGI Interpreter for Sierra Games in Java (Sarien Port)]


ScummCott [sCUMM Interpreter for LucasArts Games in Java (Scumm VM Port)]

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The last page from the Atari ST emulator written in Java by David Dawkins.


from http://web.archive.org/web/20071014001338/...-st.lovely.net/

Atari ST Emulator

by David Dawkins

Last Updated: 2-Jan-2000


Whut thu heyuck?

I am writing an Atari ST emulator in Java, inspired by the ZX Spectrum Emulator , written by my friends Andrew Pollard and Adam Davidson.


My objective is to allow you to use an Atari ST in your web browser.


This project was made possible by the STonX emulator. I used the STonX source as a base, and ported the core of it to Java.






Happy New Year!


I have organized all my Atari ST documentation, and made it available from this site.


The CPU emulation code now tracks instruction execution times according to the M68000 Programmer's Guide (about 50% complete).




We've moved! Thanks to lovely web design london uk, the emulator project now has its own domain (http://www.atari-st.lovely.net).




I just bought myself an Athlon system, so I'm finally able to get moving again. Try the emulator out here. This is an old version of the emulator that works well in monochrome. The latest work has been on the colour versions.


You can see a screenshot here; this is the ST running in Netscape which is running in Linux which is running in VMWare which is running in Windows NT.


I'm hoping to make the source available shortly.



The emulator boots as an applet in both Explorer and Netscape, and can boot TOS 1.00, 1.02 and TOS 1.04. I can't get later ROMs to boot correctly (yet).


All screen modes are supported. The latest work has been on the colour modes, and this broke the mono screen (I haven't tried to boot the latest snapshot in mono mode for ages).


Instruction execution times are averaged at 12 ticks per instruction, just so that I can get the rudimentary interrupts going (200Mhz, VBL, HBL, Timer B, umm, damn! I need to look at the source again...). I have a book that details the exact execution times. I'm just not yet sure how to code it within the instruction dispatcher. This whole area is a mess.


Floppy emulation seems to work great. The emulator reads PaCifiST disk images (coincidentally - seems to be what you get when you do 'dd if=/dev/fd0 of=diskt.st' under Linux).



Read These Notes First!


Once the emulator has loaded into your browser, the control panel will appear with "Power On" and "Monitor..." buttons and a green floppy access LED. Hit "Power On" to start the emulator. If everything's OK, you should see the floppy being accessed (in the emulator, not your computer :-). Use Control-Left-Click to pick up the ST mouse pointer.


Double-clicking is a problem in this version (already fixed in latest stuff). To open anything, left-click the icon and then select File->Open.


You can browse the floppy drive A (if you choose the Tetris version); there are two tetris games there, and you can read the credits for them too. One is installed as an accessory, and the other is in the Kubis directory. The Kubis version seems to work better than the accessory version (almost certainly an emulation issue, no fault of the original programmers!).


The Tetris game is almost too fast on my Athlon 550Mhz. The faster your machine, the more responsive the emulator will be. Bear in mind that I developed this emulator on an AMD 486 DX4/100. Almost any machine out there should cope.


OK, now you read all that, try it out:


* Monochrome Desktop With "Tetris" Floppy (880Kb)

* Monochrome Desktop, no floppy (250Kb)


Please let me know what does and doesn't work for you. I've ditched the .CAB file in favour of a .JAR file, and handled what seems to be a bug in the Netscape GZIPInputStream class, so now Netscape (V4.7) seems to work. Microsoft Explorer (IE5) also works fine; I would expect earlier versions of both browsers to work.


The Kubis program and a bunch of other interesting Atari stuff can be downloaded from the author's site.



A few screenshots gathered at various points in the project:


* ST in Netscape in Linux in VMWare in NT :-)

* Desktop (monochrome)

* Desktop (low resolution colour)

* Super Sprint #1

* Super Sprint #2

* Super Sprint #3

* Bubble Bobble #1

* Bubble Bobble #2

* Monitor



Atari ST Documentation

Find a comprehensive set of documentation for the Atari ST here. This is everything that I have found on the web since I started this project.




* Jasper, the award-winning ZX Spectrum emulator, written in Java.

* STonX (there's also an unofficial homepage) - the basis of this emulator.

* PaCifiST - The original ST emulator for the PC.

* Little Green Desktop - Excellent ST resource, including great support for emulators.

* WinSTon - A very impressive ST emulator for Windows. It just works.

* Gravity - Interesting Atari ST emulation resource.




Please send comments and feedback to atari-st@lovely.net.

Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Edited by Fort Apocalypse
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Example of the applet code (although I don't have the jar):



<applet code="JavaST.class" width=650 height=450>

<param name="Xcabbase" value="JavaST.cab">

<param name="archive" value="JavaST.jar">

<param name="debug" value="off">

<param name="monitor" value="off">

<param name="explorer" value="true">

<param name="boot" value="tetris.img.gz">

<param name="tos" value="tos.img.gz">


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Here is my implementation of Atari 8-bit Online Emulator (Atari800 in Java) - AtariLand (site in russian but contains on fly translation to other languages).


You can try to play Atari games via your browser. For example Preliminary Monty or Draconus (click on joystick icon after page is loading). Also more than 500 classic Atari games are available in the site.


Short description is here: How to play on Atari 8-bit Online Emulator.


Play and enjoy!



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