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Doris (1k) - 2600


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this version should fix the issue Vectorman0 had when running the binary on hardware.


Also, I followed Nathan's suggestion: the moving hearts change their horizontal position every pass.




It works on real hardware now! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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How do you manage to regularly churn out such simplistic yet terribly addicting games ?!? :cool:


And again - like most of your games, this one is begging for two versions - a minimalistic and a full-blown arcade adventure...

Hail to the king of "community projects" ! ;)


A couple of suggestions right away:


- add a bonus object. A flower (rose/ tulip/ ederweiss... whatever. would be nice to have it bi-colored) on top of a block. Nothing lost if it's missed, but bonus points for getting it. Adds a tactical element to the gameplay. The type/color of flower could change with progressing levels to add variety and eye-candy...


- could you make the bottom of the blocks triangular to look like spikes or better "thorns" (to keep in the mood of the game)?


- building on that, the top of the blocks could then become safe, and running over them would change their color. A full re-colored (horizontal) set could then net more bonus points...

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