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Mystery Activision Cart!


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Sorry I'm late. I work Saturdays now, and I let this completely slip my mind.


But, time is up, and it's time to reveal the game and a winner.


This game is just as finicky as any other Activision game after years of neglect, and I had to give it a good scrub before it would play. But, finally I got the game to appear, and discovered the game is...




Unfortunately, nobody guessed that one.


But this contest simply must have a winner! So, I am drawing from the list of people who guessed what the game could have been. The Activision Decathlon is a rarity #3, so the lucky winner will get this cartridge and a game of their choice.


And that winner is...




A PM has been sent. To every one else, thank you for participating, and making it fun, again!


edited for grammar

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