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RAM Pong

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I always wondered, if it is possible to let a "game" run from the 128 bytes of RAM. So here is my first try, a single player Pong (using paddles). Ok, there is no scoring, game over or sound, but you can play it.


And after loading it into your VCS, you can remove the cart and it still runs! :D


Working on a two player version now...



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1 kb is too much for Mr. Jentzsch :)



Now you just have to figure out something useful/cool/silly to do with the open cartridge slot.


I remember Ridge Racer (the first game for psx) it's uses 1,5 of 2 mb psx ram, there's only 1 load screen for entire game and after that you can remove the CD and insert a common music cd to play during the game.

Later 2 mb of RAM was a hardware limitation for many psx games. Figure 128 bytes!

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Many thanks for all the compliments.


What feature do you think is missing most? And what could go for it?


Remember, we are talking about a VERY few bytes here, so no title screen, sound track, not even scoring! ;)

Aw, c'mon, you can do scoring. You da man! :)


Just brainstorming here, maybe you can translate into something reasonable...


I realize the overhead of maintaining, interpreting for display and actually displaying the score is astronomical when you only have 128 bytes to work in, but thought I'd offer this concept anyway, cuz if anybody can make it happen, it's TJ:

:ponder: Any chance of doing scoring without numeric readout? Like a progress bar. If that's possible, it could progress toward the center line as a visual reference to make it easier to see who's ahead (bar has extended closer to center line). With one byte, you could store 0 to 15 for two players. Use a winning score of 7 and you'll have two entire bits left over to use for soundtrack processing! :)


:ponder: Multi-ball play?


:ponder: Difficulty settings? (Bigger/smaller paddle)


:ponder: English? (May be there. I haven't played it yet.)


:ponder: A silly concept: Combine a scoring indicator with difficulty setting? As a player's score increases, the size of their paddle decreases. It would be an odd twist on the game that might make for some more even matches.

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