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Atari 2600 Hacks and Homebrews ROM Collection V1.2


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Is there an updated version of this list with the latest hacks and homebrews included from up to 2013? Just curious.


I'm still slowly working on an updated version and i will post it probably in fall when i have more time. Checking and replacing all roms with later/final versions takes much longer than i expected. :ponder:

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A 3rd party cartridge that uses RAM memory instead of ROM. By plugging in its audio cable to a common audio recorder, game programs are fed into its memory. In addition to their own games that they sold (which visually outclassed pretty much anything being produced at the time by others), a side benefit is that any game which did not rely on bankswitching or added RAM could also be fed into the cartridge...with a slight catch: the two memory addresses that the unit itself uses to control this RAM manipulation must be left unused by the program loaded -OR- to modify the unit to include a "read-only" switch so that programs are not corrupted by doing so. Hacking the programs to remove references to those two memory locations means you don't need to modify the hardware.

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