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Here's a heads-up: we’re doing something a little bit different in the run-up to this fall’s big retrogaming events. To ensure that we don’t over-produce or under-produce any given DVD title this year, we’re taking pre-orders for OVGE and CCAG. Our DVD products will be available at both shows, but by placing your order here and now, you’re ensuring that there will be a copy reserved for you at the event you’re attending. Simply go the theLogBook.com Media/Phosphor Dot Fossils booth at Tulsa’s OVGE show, or Tim Snider’s booth at CCAG in Cincinnati; in both cases your pre-ordered DVDs will be behind the table tagged with your name. This ensures that we don’t make too many or too few of any given title for either event. The prices you’re paying here are the “show” prices – you pay no shipping. It’s a great chance for you to stock up on any titles you’ve missed – or to add some brand new retrogaming documentary goodness to your barren DVD shelf!


This will mark the debut of the new, 5+ hour 2-DVD set Best of CGE ‘05, containing many of the 2005 Classic Gaming Expo keynotes shot in widescreen in Burlingame, CA. For those not attending either CCAG or OVGE, Best of CGE ‘05 will be available via this site after both shows are over.


Visit here to learn more or to place your pre-orders: http://www.thelogbook.com/media/ovge-ccag-pre-order/



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Ok, everyone, it's getting close! I'll have a table again this year, but I'm gonna do something a little different. I'll be exhibiting (and ONLY exhibiting, no selling!) a fighting game retrospective, with fighting games from every era of gaming. I'll have a tv set up with my PS2 playing fighting games of various sorts all day, and might even be hosting a Street Fighter 3 tourney (if I can get a prize of some sort secured that is). If anybody feels they can take me on in a game, feel free to challenge me, hehe. If Max and Dustin show up, I'd love to get in some KoF against those guys!

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Several updates to the OVGE website to include current list of known exhibitors and vendors. Flack I still need to know what you want me to put up there for you so I can let the world know you plan to be there! hehe :)


Look over the website and remember...



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Just a heads up!


We are now just about a week away from OVGE2k9 and I have a few minor things to announce.


The good news first...


We now have Friday night setup! Yeah!!! I got the confirmation late Wednesday afternoon as I made the final payment for the event space. What time or how early we can begin setting up I don't yet know but I'll send out updates as I know more. At least we have some setup for Friday now!


Bad news...


All the tables require covering of some sort, so even those that paid additional for the table skirting will still need to get some covering for your tables. I've heard that party stores and the like have plastic like large table coverings for really cheap that can be bought. This would be ideal since you wouldn't care if it got torn or anything and you could just dump it in the trash afterwards. I'm likely to go this route myself.


I also learned that we won't be the only thing going on that day in the event center. There will be a charity silent auction taking place in the main arena. Because of this I lost some of my tables and now only have 2 left available at this time. Seems the auction requires more tables than I do, so the event center is taking away some of mine that hadn't sold quite yet. ugh...




There is of course the standard OVGE classic gaming tourney. I haven't quite decided on which games it will be. But I do know that it will be strictly a 2600 theme this year and I know one of the games will be Centipede. I could use some ideas on two more 2600 games that are easy to play and understand and could get some scoring in during a 3min time frame?


Brad Prillwitz will also be hosting a Pac-Man Collection tournament on the colecovision using the Opcode games Pac-Man collection cartridge!


The layout has been sent to the vendors and exhibitors so they know where to setup in the event space. Any questions etc... please do NOT hesitate to contact me!


Thank you everyone and I'll see you guys in a week!

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Here's some info about the "opcode Pacman Collection" competition held at my table:

Players with the top three scores will win the following prizes:

First place:

One (new) Pacman T-Shirt "I stopped playing Pacman. It was the worst 7 minutes of my life " (size: Adult XL.)

Second place:

One (new) Pacman official keychain from Namco.

Third place:

One Pacman (cloth) retro patch from the 80's!


I also have 2 other prizes that may be given away: Pacman power pellets candy, and one Pacman tablecloth.


Rules for the Pacman competition:

- Competition starts at 1:00 p.m.

- 5 minute time limit per player.

- Joystick controller used. :)

- Player must be present to win prize.

- In the event of a tie, a standard Atari 2600 Pacman cart will be flipped, like a coin (label up or not? :D )

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I guess I better put up the rules for my tourney, too. Note that this is TENTATIVE, and I may not run it at all, depending on several factors.


Time is TBA. I'll try very hard not to schedule it at a time when others are running their tournaments, however. Since it's single elimination, it should take significantly less time to finish up than the tournament I ran last year.


Single elimination. Lose once and you're done!


Players will vote upon sign-up which they want to play, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike or Street Fighter Alpha 3. These will be the Playstation 2 versions of the games.


Game will use default settings for both game and controllers, no customizing. I will have 2 stock PS2 Dual Shock controllers to use, both Sony brand (so nobody can say they were using an inferior controller).


Prizes TBA as well.


As I said, this may or may not happen. If you come by my table and see the "Sign up for the Street Fighter tournament" sign, then it's a go. If not, then sorry!


Oh, and I'll be accepting challenges from anyone who thinks they can take me at any of the PS2 games I'll have on display. Remember, I was the 9th ranked US Street Fighter 2 Turbo player at one time (many, MANY moons ago...), and I'm still pretty sharp with the fighting games. I was also the winner of the '06 OVGE King of Fighters '98 tournament that Max and Dustin held, so, yeah. Bring it on!

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We have Friday night setup confirmed and can begin around 7pm. Until only about 10 or 11pm. However, I likely won't be there by 7pm as I and Ed Martin will be busy loading up his Arcade cabs and my two for the show.


Vendors and exhibitors:


There is a back loading dock that is a straight shot to the South Banquet hall on the back south end of the event center. When you approach the event center from 105th street, keep going straight. Eventually you have you hit a fork where you either go towards the parking garage, or the front of the event center. There is a center lane between the garage and the event center. This will take you to the backside of the event center and to the loading dock.


Event center personnel should be nearby and on hand inside if the doors are locked etc.


The tournaments have been decided..


the OVGE tourney will be 3 2600 games played for 3min each, or until all lives are expended. The games are...


Centipede, Berzerk!, and Kaboom! (I just de jitterized a set a paddles for this one...)


There is also Greg Little SF3 tourney for the PS2 being held. I have prizes from Vintage Stock that will be at the show that he can use as a prize for that.


Brad Prillwitz will have his Pacman collection tourney and last but not least...


Paul Cortez and his family will be hosting a Destroy all Monsters! Melee tourney!




I'm posting this information here, because naturally as luck would have it.. my router at home died last night. I will get another after work today, but still wanted to make sure everyone got this information!


See you guys Friday night!

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Thanks for the info, Jesse.


Just an addendum, my tourney will be Street Fighter 3 Third Strike OR Street Fighter Alpha 3. Entrants will vote at the time they sign up as to which game they'd rather play, and the one with the most votes will be the one we play. ALL settings will be at default, time, controls, everything. This will be the versions for the Playstation 2 (Street Fighter Alpha Anthology and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection).


This year I'll also have...a camera! I have a brand new digital video camera that I'm bringing, and I'll try to get some good video and pics throughout the day.


Looking forward to Saturday!

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Well, another OVGE is over and done with. This makes number 6, and the 4th time I've exhibited. I had SUCH a good time, as always. Jesse always puts on SUCH a great show.


I had a fighing game display, covering everything from the Sega Genesis to the XBox 360. I ran a tournament where the entrants voted on whether they wanted to play Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, or Street Fighter Alpha 3. Street Fighter 3 Third Strike won with ONE vote! All the entrants were great, and I want to thank the winner, Henry for playing a great final game!


Great to see everybody again, too. Earl, Brett, Kent, Ed, Jeff, all you guys. OVGE feels less like a big show like the Philly Classic, and more like a close knit group who comes together to show the attendees a great time.


Brett Weiss took the big prize in the Classic Gaming tournament, and congratulations to him. I had a GREAT score on Berzerk, and thought I stood a chance, but stunk it up on Centipede, so that ruined my chances.


My table saw almost constant activity throughout the day. Though I didn't sell anything (it was just exhibition only), everyone loved competing on the PS2.


I have some more to say, but WOW am I bushed. Gonna sleep now. Sleeeep...

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I got back late last night from OVGE, which was held at the beautiful (and quite accomodating) Spirit Bank Event Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is about a 4.5 hour drive from where I live in Fort Worth, Texas. Fortunately, the drive was well worth it as I got to catch up with friends, sell and sign a bunch of books, and even unload some extras from my collection. Kudos to con promoter/organizer Jesse Hardesty for putting on a great show.


You can read more and see photos here:



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I've got a write-up on the event with quite a few pics here for everyone's amusement.


I just wanted to give a big shout-out to Crossbow for the smoothest OVGE yet (at least from the vendor perspective) at a dandy new venue. Also, a big thanks to everyone who bought anything from me during the day - I had a very busy booth, and believe me when I say I was glad of it! I was surprised to see how much of my non-game items went - who would've thought that I'd empty out my Star Trek Christmas ornament collection at a video game covnention? - but speaking as someone who's had a hellacious time trying to find a job lately, I was grateful for everyone who bought anything.


So when's the next one?

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OVGE 2009 was great!

Being able to see Crossbow, PacFamily, PDF, Flack, Steve W, Ubik, 8bitgamer and everyone else at OVGE made this an event not to forget.

The Pac-Man Collection at my table was a big hit! (And the Pac-Man neon lights that I found on eBay drew a smile from each person that saw them.) Everyone enjoyed playing this excellent Colecovision game from opcode. In fact, several players did not want to stop, and had to be pulled away from the controls, for another person to start their game. :) More than one person asked if the sound effects on opcode's Pac-Man Collection were digitized straight from the arcade games. :D


Had a bad power supply with my second Colecovision, so I displayed a 2600 with some homebrews, and a Harmony cart(which I need to update, as it was slow to load.) I almost forgot that I brought a modified Flashback 2, and put it out late in show. The FB2 had some good comments, and gamers enjoyed playing carts as well as the pre-loaded games.



Although this years turnout was lower than expected, everyone that attended enjoyed some great classic gaming goodness. Competitions at OVGE were definitely the most popular part of the show. Hopefully, next years show will have even more competitions, and possibly some multiplayer gaming fun!


Thanks for everyone for such a great show this year.


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